• Yea, we need a carbon tax

    An appropriate source of money that governments should take advantage of while motivating the switch towards renewable energy. Even though The topic states US government, I think all governments should as they could sure use always use an extra money for the benefit of the country, charging filthy rich companies for damaging nature- why wouldn't you do that? And if these companies don't like getting taxed then how about a movement towards renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind and save the environment while you're at it? Personally I was a little bummed when Australia ditched the carbon tax, but there are news of other countries proposing this so hopefully one day it will be reintroduced and other countries will also join in

  • Carbon tax is GOOD!

    Carbon tax is a good thing because people will stop buying it, this saves our Earth, Animals, people, etc. This also helps global warming. The government can collect more revenue. Crops can also go healthy instead of growing into toxic crops that we can't eat. I don't think carbon is good, there is other ways to live than using it.

  • Global Climate Change Needs To Be Stopped

    The United States government needs to do something to curb climate change, and imposing a carbon tax would be a good start. Only, it would be the beginning and not the end. There is so much more that needs to be done to protect the environment and minimize the huge storms that are starting to happen too frequently.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, taxes seem the only way to effect change on a large scale

    We are all dependent on carbon-based fuel. When we become dependent on something like that, it is very hard to change. The thing that actually causes change most quickly is to hit the pocket book. As soon as people have to pay for what they want, they are much more willing to find alternative methods. If we want to lower our carbon emissions, then we need to tax them. Plain and simple.

  • Yes. We need to tax things that have negative effects.

    People and corporations do not like paying more taxes, but as it stands, the amount of fossil fuels we use is not sustainable. Companies get away with doing what they want even if there are long-term consequences for their behavior. Tax on carbon helps to provide incentive for smarter behavior. The idea is to promote long-term thinking and not just what makes the most money in the short run.

  • It should

    Some larger companies can probably afford to ignore this and do as they please anyway, so it won't be as effective as desired. That said, a carbon task could force a lot of people into looking at greener alternatives seeing as the environmental incentives apparently aren't enough to interest them. I think a small carbon tax would be a good idea.

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