• Yes They Should

    The United States should implement a mileage tax as long as everyone who drives would have to pay. The money should be used to pay for infrastructure costs like repaving roads and repairing bridges. Driving damages roads and the tax should be used to keep up the quality of the roads we are driving on.

  • We already have one!

    The road tax per gallon of gasoline or diesel that we already have is effectively a mileage tax. The more gallons you use the more tax you pay. Sure there are some discrepancies because of varying fuel consumption, but overall everyone pays their fair share so to speak. We also have toll roads and bridges to generate revenue.

  • No, They Should Not

    We live in an age where people in this country are nailed with every possible tax that the government can think of. There comes a time when a man has to put his foot down and say that enough is enough. We do not need another tax and we do not need a mileage tax.

  • It Unfairly Targets Poor People

    No, they shouldn't. It's like the taxes levied on cigarettes. A mileage tax would just be another financial pinch on the lower classes. The wealthy are much more able to afford these small costs, but the value of a dollar means more to poorer people -- it has to be stretched even farther. Plus, in some places like New Jersey, a lot of roads have tolls on them anyway.

  • It rewards the wrong behavior.

    A mileage tax would simply make people pay more for traveling more. People with polluting vehicles should pay more, due to the greater damage they're doing to the environment. However, those who simply travel further shouldn't have to pay more, especially if they're using a more fuel efficient car and actually burning less gasoline and polluting less than someone in some gigantic gas guzzler from the 1970s. In addition, I feel it's an invasion of privacy for the government to always want to know where and how far someone has driven.

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