• All Should Be One Term

    If politicians did not have to run for reelection, it would mean they would less likely be bought. We could extend the House Of Representatives to one, 4 years term. Leave the Senate at 6 years, extend the governors to one,6 year term, and extend the President of US to the same deal. They all have to sit out one term limit if they want to run for election again.

  • Familiarity breeds contempt.

    Yes, the U.S. should impose term limits on all branches of government, because people who serve too long let the power go to their head. A person is more likely to make decisions that are truly in the interests of the people if they know that they will only be in office for a limited period of time.

  • Unlimited Terms Allow for too much Potential Power

    Elected officials become knowledgeable as to how to work the system to their advantage very quickly. The longer they stay in office the more knowledge and power they are able to accumulate. Publicly elected and appointed officials are there to serve their constituency not themselves. Term limits can help ease this self serving behavior in our elected officials.

  • Terms limits can be inefficient

    Supporters of term limits argue that imposing term limits reduces the number of overly powerful politicians in government but neglect to address the fact that term limits may actually increase this number. As a result of a term limit, politicians will be more likely to "do more" because they have a small window of time in which they can achieve things.

    Additionally, term limits hurt constituencies because they essentially take a candidate out of the running. An incumbent who has a strong approval rating would have to vacate office regardless. Term limits take power away from voters and put it in the hands of other politicians.

  • No, just vote the bums out

    I don't think it's necessary to impose term limits on all branches of government for the simple reason that we already have term limits, in a sense: you can just vote the bums out of office when you think they don't deserve reelection. If you have a dedicated public servant who is doing a great job, why should he have to leave because of term limits?

  • Opposed to term limits

    I do not believe we should impose term limits on our elected officials. To me, term limits prey on voter ignorance at the polls. They say "You are not smart enough to make decisions as to who you should elect to public office so we'll impose restrictions on how you should vote for them". The best term limiting device that has yet been devised is the polling place. Vote for their opponent if you want to limit their terms in office.

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