• If only in moderation.

    I am typically for cutting general spending, but as long as the spending is not in excess, no doubt it might prove wise. Of course, we should not simply cut spending in one place, simply to redirect it to another. But again, in moderation this may be beneficial. While NASA has always been intrinsically fond of spacial travel and observation, its services extend well to the earth itself- meaning problems explicit to the 'earth' would undergo solution as well.

    Climate, overcrowding, food source production, natural catastrophe, disease, etc.

  • Yes - But Without Affecting Essential Services

    If the United States government wants to increase funding to NASA, I have nothing against it. Being a Brit, it will probably never affect me. But I feel if they do want to do so, they ought to make sure that it's not affecting what's coming out of the American taxpayers' pocket, and that other, more essential services aren't losing funding as a result.

  • NASA lacking funding since forever

    It is important that the US government give more money to the NASA program, we are running late in the race to outer space and all the rest of the countries are beating us to advancements. If American wants to stay one of the big boys, it will have to sharpen its tools...

  • I'll say No-ish. Everyone (Not just Americans) should kick in some money.

    I think space exploration is important, but it is a humanity-wide endeavor not an American budget item. I support the idea of an international version of NASA that is cooperatively funded by a consortium of countries. If we combined the budget of all the major nation's space agencies we could avoid duplication of effort and work together. Likely we could do this at about the same funding levels as today.

  • Why should we?

    They stopped sending up space shuttles so they can reallocate that money in a better way. They have plenty of money. Spend it on the homeless and fix all of the home problems. Then once all our the home problems are fixed they can give money away to other countries and projects because we will be out of debt.

  • The U.S. should not increase funding to NASA

    The U.S. should not increase funding to NASA for the simple reason that we can not afford it. We stand at $19 trillion in federal debt and growing, with no end in sight. The taxpayer can only take so much and it is high time to only ask people to pay for what the Constitution requires. Last I looked, there was nothing in the Constitution about space travel.

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