Should the U.S. increase social security benefits?

  • Yes, an increase is in order.

    The U.S. should definitely increase social security benefits because the cost of living has increased dramatically. How are old people who have limited, if any, earning potential, who have worked all their lives, supposed to keep up and live even a modest life with the cost of living the way it is, the price of gas, etc.? If Congress people and corporate American can continue to get unlimited benefits and pay, we certainly need to take care of those who receive social security.

  • Yes, it needs to be increased.

    Yes, it should be increased to match current living expenses. Social security was created as a safety net during the Depression years. Instead of working all you life for nothing, you can save toward a 401K. It is hard enough to make a living working let alone when you retire. It is not entitlement and a reward for all the years of hard work.

  • Yes, it would help both Americans and the economy.

    Most Americans receiving Social Security benefits are elderly who must make their benefits stretch for 30 days. They deserve more for all their years of work and support of their country. There are also younger people on Social Security--people with children to support. No matter what the age of the recipient, Social Security as the primary source of income is not easy. The United States must begin worrying more about its own people instead of taking care of everyone else abroad.

  • Social Security Should Be Increased

    The U.S. really should increase social security benefits. Many people rely on them and there are a lo of reasons to increase the amount the U.S. give to people. Many of the people who receive them are older and cannot work and it is their only income. There are many things that are not as important as making sure people in this country are financially stable when they are unable to work.

  • No, they should be left alone

    Social security benefits, while not giving people an excessive amount of money, are sufficient. In fact, cost of living has decreased due to issues with the economy. At this time, it does not make sense to increase support to a program that is not broken. While it would be nice if we could afford it, we need to wait until we have fixed problems and there is an actual need to increase aid.

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