Should the U.S. intervene for other countries' democracy?

  • Yes, It Should

    Democracy is a form of government that allows everyone freedom to do what they want while putting restrictions against barbaric actions. I feel like everyone should have the opportunity to make their own decisions rather than be pushed around. It is a mixture of the Social Contract and Natural Rights theories (the former states that people give up a SMALL amount of freedom for government protection; the latter states everyone has free rights.) If we don't push for freedom worldwide, how should we expect to stay free?

  • The U.S.should intervene for other countries' democracy

    Most people around the world would probably agree that democracy is one of the better forms of government.They might just not know how to go about forming a democracy.The best thing for them to do is to look to the United States as an example and the US should show them how.

  • We should set an example with democracy, but not try to force it on people.

    Trying to force democracy on people risks coming off as holier than thou. As a result of which, people are likely to tune us out, even when listening might be to their advantage. Better to set an example in our own country, and let people emulate us, if they so choose.

  • Each Country Should Decide for Themselves

    The United States shouldn't intercede on any country's behalf, even if the goal is a democracy. The people within a particular sovereign nation have the right to determine their own political outcomes and shouldn't be interfered with. Each nation has sovereignty for a reason, which means they can choose their form of government and their own destiny.

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