• It allows us to learn.

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  • Of course we should!

    There will be a time when Earth will no longer be habitable for humans, or any other species. It could be millions of years in the future, or it could be merely thousands. Learning about the universe will benefit us exponentially one day. We have yet to completely harness the power of our planet, and look at our energy consumption. One day, will we need to harness the power of our solar system to supply energy to society. NASA's budget was a $17.5 billion dollars. Our military budget was almost $580 billion dollars, while second behind the US was China, with $145 billion dollars. I don't understand how people can justify the need for such a military surplus, but not a little more money for space research and exploration.

  • I definitely agree

    I definitely agree because as some writters says: Stupidity and space are the only things that are infinite. I think that we discovered very little of space and U.S are pretty rich country and maybe if they unite with Japan and Russia they could discover more and give us more information.

  • Space research is important, but not vital

    No, the U.S. should not invest more in space research right now. While space research and related technologies are important and should not be ignored completely, there are too many other areas that need financial attention right now--healthcare, military, education, infrastructure, etc. These issues need to be addressed first before investing additional funds in space research.

  • The U.S. should not invest more in space research

    For a country that is already $18 trillion in debt, and climbing, it's time for leadership to recognize and prioritize what is important. While space research is interesting and yields some excellent results, we are in no position to spend on that which we cannot afford. Tough time require tough choices. Get the fiscal house in order, then spend on these types of projects.

  • The U.S. should not invest more in space research

    Travel and research into outer space is a valid pursuit, but not something that should be funded by the U.S. Government. Research into outer space should be funded by private investors and should not be a public service. Space research is not essential to the growth or development of our nation, and should not be funded with tax payer money.

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