Should the U.S. involve women in the draft today?

Asked by: yooyoo25
  • Yes they should!

    I am TIRED of the sexist comments about women! Women are just as capable as men to be in a draft. I understand that not all women (or men) will be able to, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't. Society needs to stop discrimination against people because of biology.

  • Woman also can serve as army general or admiral....

    Republican minded people with Double-digit IQ say woman's job is to bear, make dinner, or serve as nurse or soldier, but no more.
    The rights of woman is not same with rights of man (male), but that does not mean their rights are not equal.
    Woman cannot do everything that man do, but also man cannot do everything what woman do.

  • Women are helpful in the armed forces, they can serve as nurses or soldiers.

    If you look back at history, there were hundreds of women who fought for their country. A lot of women enjoy working in the military. Men and women should be equal. They should have the same rights. Women can serve as nurses to help injured poeple or serve as soldiers and fight for thier country.

  • Yes women should.

    Many women want equality, however, many don't mention the draft. This isn't the reason I support women in the draft. Let's look at what could happen if I, a male, did not register within 30 days of my 18th birthday: I could be fined $250,000 and/or be sent to federal prison for 5 years, be denied travel with a passport, be non elligible for public jobs, and I would be a felon. Now why don't women have these responsibilities too? According to feminists, not allowing women to be drafted perpetuates that they are weaker. Again, not why I support it, but just pointing out some hypocrisy as many feminists don't even have this position. I support it because EVERYONE should be required to serve. It is your duty as a citizen.

  • I don't get why not

    I don't understand why women should not be "forced" to. It infuriates me when people say that "women have to stay at home and take care of the children" I'm not a feminist, but that's a little sexist. And besides, once you pass a certain age, you don't have to be in the draft anymore, so don't have babies until then! Control your genitals people!

  • Women should be left out of the draft.

    Being a woman comes with great responsibilities; the biggest one being the ability to bear children. Because of this, women should not be involved in the draft. There is just too much of a risk to this country's future by doing so. The draft should only involve the men in the U.S.

  • Women in the military

    I am not sexist, but most women would not fit in the military. Do not get me wrong, the women in the military today are brave people and are just as good as the male counterpart, but to allow the general population of women into the military through the draft will be stupid.
    First, most men can fit into the military. It is easier to get an average man on the street into a uniform that it is a women. That is just a fact that men can be trained easier and have a higher pain threshold the women.
    Second having women slaughtered in the next World War will not be good for moral. Having men die overseas is just as bad, but more acceptable because it has been done for thousands of years.
    Women should be able to fight side by side and they should be allowed to do whatever they feel that they are capable of doing, but drafting women in the military is not about equality anymore, it is about risking the outcome of the war.

  • There should not be a draft at all.

    People, both men and women, should be able to decide what they do with their lives. Forcing them to kill people with a high risk of being killed themselves is a violation of that right. If you think it is your duty to serve in the military, then volunteer yourself.

  • Let me choose!

    This is my body, my life. Let me be free and let me choose my path I want to live. This country is supposed to be free, but this country has failed in that term! So I say no! This is a huge let down in our country and I'm not proud of this.

  • Who Gonna Watch Da Keiki?

    With all men and women sent out to war for god knows what reason with the damn leaders we have today. Who going watch my daughter, sister, cousin, little braddas? Huh? Cuz I fucking pretty sure Obama ain't. If I had to leave out of the states with my kids at home their gonna be munchin on my hidden twinkies, making a mess in my house and what? Maybe meth ? The hell i dont know.

    So yah fuck war and yes twinkies!!!!!!

  • Not at all.

    I think that not only should there be no draft of women in the United States, there should not be a draft, period. If there is a time when the United States is fighting a huge war, then there will be no shortage of volunteers to chip in for the cause.

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