Should the U.S. issue a correction for the current stock market (yes) or face fears of a bear market (no)?

  • yes, we should correct,

    I believe that with most things it is better to face the problem head on and we should do a correction now before we fall into a bear market or worse develop another bubble that then pops and we fall into another recession. A correction now will be a lot less pain later

  • We can't manipulate.

    We should let the stock market correct on its own, rather than issue a correction, because it is too much to manipulate the economy. Manipulating the real estate market was how we ended up in this problem to begin with, because the manipulation burst in 2007 and we all lost our money. We should just let it happen on its own.

  • No, let the stock market run it's natural course.

    The U.S. should not correct the current stock market. In my opinion, fear is typically propaganda through the media. The reality is the stock market goes in cycles. There are bear and bull markets. We are currently in a bear market, but it will naturally correct itself as it normally does. Manipulating the markets would increase or decrease them artificially, forcing an abnormal correction, which again may spread fear.

  • Let It Crash

    I think the stock is over inflated and I think the investors should have to deal with it on their own. They made it this way and they should lose in this deal, not the rest of us. I think it needs to be taken care of one way or another, but I'm not convinced a controlled correction is the right path to take.

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