• Yes We Should

    I think that the United States should continue to keep funding big science. What the funding could lead to can help millions of people and have infinite potential. That funding spent on science could be spent in a lot of worse places. We should continue to do what we are doing.

  • Big Science is Innovation and Inspiration

    Science is about understanding our world at its most fundamental levels. It is extremely important that we, as a society, explore all that science has to offer. Funding these big programs can teach us so many things, and the research will get children and the public excited about science again. This is what encourages innovation and progress.

  • Keep supporting science!

    While the bigger questions n life might not ever be answered, science itself does help solve a lot of every day issues. Think of all the things we use and take for granted that weren't around until some guy in a lab figured out things that could be used for the common good.

  • Private Sector Can Fund Science

    No I believe that the government does not need to fund big science. There are plenty of private business funds available to keep research going. Also I do not believe that the government spends our tax dollars effectively when it comes to funding science research. Private companies will be a lot more careful when it is their money on the line.

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