Should the U.S. keep giving money to college students to study?

Asked by: jessicamaria95
  • It helps everyone

    Im one of the millions of students who get financial aid from the goverment. I feel that more than half of the college/university students use and get financial aid. I feel that is they didnt then most of them couldnt even had the opportunity to study because school is soooo expensive. I feel that the government is just helping to get a beter educated future

  • Students already are irresponsible with debt.

    College students are not in trouble, in the main, because college is expensive (though it certainly is). Students are in trouble because they go to colleges they can't afford, take on private loans with sky high interest rates, and major in completely unmarketable fields where they will not be able to get a job. It's why such a huge percentage of recent college grads are either unemployed or underemployed (half the baristas at Starbucks have degrees in English Lit or Women's Studies).

    If the government should be giving any grants, it is to students with demonstrated academic ability who are entering a field which is not only marketable but actually productive and necessary to the economy of the country- like the STEM fields.

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