• I believe so...

    I believe that the U.S. should take a crack at it, but I do believe it should only be an interim policy. I believe more research needs to be done on how effectively their votes can be suppressed before I would be able to support it as an indefinite policy though.

  • It's already a law

    I'm only saying no because female suffrage is already in practice in the United States since the 1900's. Along with that, women have already achieved social, financial, legal, and political equality to men. So to suggest that women suffrage is not around in the United States is ignorant and foolish.

  • No.No.No. Women. No.

    As a fellow woman, I believe that it is my freedom to not vote. You can't make me and my people vote for this country. It is a disgrace to see women going out of their way to do a man's job. Women should stay home and care for their children while the takes care of all of that business. A proper woman shouldn't stick her nose where she doesn't belong. I believe that this is God's will.

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