• Yes marijuana should be legal

    The reason why marijuana should be legal is because it helps so many people also its less harmful than marijuana.If its legal less drug dealing and murders cause the stores that sell marijuana also pharmacy will sell them.Kids are going to still buy marijuana off the street i would rather have them buy it from a growing store

  • Yes so we can all stop crying about it. Booze is legal pot should be too.

    I never heard of any one going out and smashing there car into a tree because they smoke a joint. When a person gets drunk they are sometimes compelled to get into a car with out realizing that it could become a deadly decision. Last time I smoke a joint all I wanted to do was to eat and get some sleep. Hell the Hostess store might get better business.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legalized

    Yes, I agree marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana is a drug that is widely used among Americans so clearly making it illegal has done nothing. This is similar to making alcohol illegal; alcohol is to prevalent to completely eradicate its use. Furthermore legalizing marijuana may decrease drug trafficking and the crime that goes along with it. Also, marijuana's effects are no more dangerous and perhaps even less dangerous than alcohol.

  • Yes they should

    Marijuana usage is known through studies and other research to be less harmful than alcohol usage. No one has ever died from smoking too much marijuana. It should be legalized because it could be taxed and that it really isn't that bad for people in real terms. We should legalize it.

  • I think that pretty soon the United States will have no choice but to legalize marijuana.

    I think that pretty soon the United States will have no choice
    but to legalize marijuana. The process
    has actually already begun. Colorado and
    Washington State have already legalized recreational marijuana. When other states see how much money Colorado
    and Washington start to make, they will probably legalize marijuana also.

  • Absolutely, as long as alcohol is legal.

    I am almost sick of making and hearing the arguments. We all know the truth. Marijuana is overwhelmingly less harmful than alcohol. The only reason marijuana is illegal now is to keep the DEA in business. Legalizing it would not only benefit the economy and make its use safer, but it will eliminate a large amount of violent crime that surrounds the illegal drug trade.

  • YES!

    For you who said your brother-in-law went to prescription drugs, did the marijuana really make him do that? Because as far as i know, marijuana is not a gateway drug and people say this because people who are cocaine users started out using marijuana. That may be true but a lot of the times people didn't blame marijuana because it was their choice to move onto bigger and bad drugs. Marijuana didn't just go"do cocaine!" Also for the other person, no it isn't a health risk to anybody. To have a toxic amount of delta-9 or THC a person would have to smoke about 1,500 pounds of marijuana to get a toxic amount. Which is humanly impossible.

  • Yes, the U.S. Should Legalize Marijuana

    There is no evidence to suggest that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco and both of these drugs are perfectly legal. Most people believe the only people who advocate for the legalization of marijuana are those who want to sit around and get high all day, this is an absolute myth. I have never smoked marijuana before, and I do not plan on it, but I am intelligent enough to be able to evaluate the evidence.


    I believe that the U.S. should DEFINITELY legalize marijuana! Marijuana is a lot safer for people than alcohol or cigarettes are, and both of those are legal. Marijuana makes people act calm. Let's also think about the tax dollars the government can make on it, and the amount of jobs that will be created by making it legal.

  • The U.S. should legalize marijuana

    Marijuana should absolutely be legalized. Marijuana has many benefits that could come from the legalization of this product. I believe these benefits are being proven more an more everyday as more and more states are making the use of marijuana legal. There many proven medicinal uses and the money that would be available to government from the taxation of this product could also help our country's current debt.

  • Not on your life!

    People tell me that it is not a gateway drug. I tell them to say that to my sister who is widowed. My brother in-law started smoking and then moved to prescription drugs when the high was no longer enough. My nephew also had to spend some of his college fund to go to rehab because he was addicted to it. I hear many say to tax the hell out of it but that would defeat the purpose of having distribution centers. If it costs more to purchase it from centers than to buy it from a dealer, then why pay more? Drug dealers will still be a problem along with smuggling. The only way to stop dealers and smugglers is to let everyone grow.

  • Never.

    The U.S. should never legalize marijuana. There is no reason too. It hinders people's ability to make the right choices and makes them less productive. Smoking is a huge health risk and just is not needed. We will be better off as a nation, drug free. That should always be what we strive for.

  • No, the U.S. should not legalize marijuana.

    The legalization of marijuana is more complicated than people think. Once all of the drug dealers and cartel members lose the ability to profit from marijuana, they will decide to increase their other criminal ventures. This will lead to more sex trafficking, human trafficking, hard core drugs, murders, and burglaries.

  • The U.S. should not legalize marijuana.

    The United States should not legalize marijuana because it is a politically unpopular decision. No politician wants to be known as the one who made drugs legal in America. The black market has made marijuana available to all the people who really want it. Legally, it should remain forbidden in America.

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