• Let's face it, some guys have to pay for their pleasure

    Men live in a fantasy world--many of them want to and have a strong biological desire for attractive women. Some men would make terrible fathers, others bad husbands...and many cannot attract the women they want to sleep with unless they bribe them.
    Sure, some unattractive men, such as Jack Kent Cooke, former owner of the Washington Redskins, could attract hot little blondes with the power of his pocketbook...but what of the guy who only can afford an hour of a girl's time?
    The fact is, if we here in the States legalized and regulated prostitution, as it's done in Europe, there would be no need for oppressive pimps, and the girls could get mandatory check-ups to prevent disease.
    Because prostitution would be legal, the price would probably go down, and a lot of tense men would be able to seek their pleasure now and then...and pay a little less.
    The main reasons (other than morality, which is relative in these difficult times)against hookers is generally that of subjugation of young women, who apparently go looking for it, and of course the danger, which would be largely eliminated with proper security, and instead of having to bribe police or hire psychos to watch over you as you went off with a client, we'd have a nice respectable guard service, such as they have at the popular Chicken Ranch whorehouse in Nevada.
    Prostitution, like pot smoking isn't going to go away, and the government should tax it, and make things easier for everyone--the sellers and the unhappy's really the easiest thing.

  • Every Day Everyone With A Job Is Selling A Part Of Their Body

    What is the difference between selling you Hands for Typing, your Brain for Bookkeeping, your Looks for Hosting, your Arms, Backs, and Legs for Landscaping, your Face and Body for Modeling or Surrogacy, your Experience to Educate, Etc. Everyone sells a part of their body every single day for money how is one part more disgusting, more demoralizing, more disruptive than any other when it is between 2 consenting adults?

  • It Has Been Around Forever

    Yes, the U.S. should legalize prostitution. Prostitution has always been with us. As long as there are men willing to pay for sex, there will always be women willing to sell it. Prostitution is a way of life for some women and legalizing it would take many women out of the hands of pimps and back alleys. Women who chose to continue in that profession could clean it up, make it a little more respectable looking and turn it into a thriving business for themselves.

  • Woman's right to choose

    We are constantly told that a woman should have the right to choose what to do with their body when one defends abortion. If it's really "her body, her choice" should we not follow that to the max. In addition we allow the body to be used in other ways for money including but not limited to athletics, surrogate pregnancies, and Pharmaceutical testing. Legalize and regulate prostitution and give the police something better to do than harass prostitutes.

  • Yes it should

    Some women do it to support themselves and earn money to eat and go to college. By it being illegal they're arrested then it wouldn't matter what they get a degree for. I think it should be legalized in a controlled area like a brothel and have a rule in there stating that the guys have to wear a condom. STD's are ALWAYS going to be here it wold make no difference if prostitution was legal.

  • Why not?

    It's not called the oldest profession for nothing! Prostitution should be legal because it will exist no matter what restrictions are placed upon it. It should be legalized, taxed, safeguarded, and zoned to keep neighborhoods and minors safe from its negative aspects. This could be a wealth of tax revenue for governments, and if properly run, safe and profitable for the workers. Yes, prostitution is dangerous and mysogenistic, but keeping it illegal makes it worse.

  • Yes the U.S. should legalize prostitution

    Both for the safety of the girls that choose to do it, and because they should have the right to sell their bodies for sex if they like to, prostitution should be legalized. It is no one's business but theirs if they choose to sell out in such a way first off, and making it illegal you put them at greater risk because they can't tell on the abusers lest they get into trouble themselves for doing the job. If it didn't have to be driven underground, you'd be able to ensure the safety of the women much better and weed out the bad promoters a lot easier. So from the standpoint of both personal rights and safety of the women, prostitution should definitely be legalized in the US.

  • I support it

    There's a saying that in a perfect society it would not be necessary, and in a ideal society it would be legal. A woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body. Just as everyone else does. This should be legal just as Germany Canada & many others have legalized it.

  • I support it

    There's a saying that in a perfect society it would not be necessary, and in a ideal society it would be legal. A woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body. Just as everyone else does. This should be legal just as Germany Canada & many others have legalized it.

  • Adult sex work needs to be decriminalized

    Prohibition only makes everything dangerous!
    What adults do in private is no ones business!
    Sexuaility is personal so there shoulent be laws on adult sexuality!
    I don't want my tax dollars going toward policing what adults do! You cant have laws on morality! Only full decriminalization will give sex workers full human rights!

  • What are we?

    The only way you can seriously and fully support prostitution and what it entails is to take the view that humans are simply reactionary animals without a sense of dignity, motivation, purpose, or willpower. If we legalize it, we would be pretending it would be just as viable as a profession as any other job like teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. But we all know that if any one of our sons or daughters accepted that idea and told us they wanted to become prostitutes, we would all say hell no.

  • The US doesn't need another mistake

    Sure, it is sad to know that some guys, who are either ugly or just generally bad humans, can only get sex by paying for it. However, that is no reason to legalize it nationwide. If we cater to the whims of the lesser men of this country, then what do we lower ourselves to?

  • No, the United States should not legalize prostitution.

    People believe that prostitution is a victimless crime because the person paying for sex wants what they are getting. People forget that prostitutes are the true victim of many violent crimes that result from prostitution. They are robbed and raped at a much higher rate than the general public. They are also prime suspects for serial killers.

  • Legalization Increases Human Trafficking

    The U.S should adopt the Swedish model, which prosecutes the johns and decriminalizes the prostitutes. This is the only legal system that has worked to decrease trafficking and the suffering of women forced into prostitution. Only people who have not looked at the studies are naive enough to think that legalizing prostitution will make things safer for the women in it.

  • Only Morally Sick People Support Its Legalization

    Prostitution is pathetically immoral, destructive, exploitive, dirty, disease spreading, detrimental to the marriage and the home, and must not be tolerated!

    Only perverts, lust driven infidels, and spiritually bankrupt souls would ever "think" of legalization such an ungodly and unwholesome practice. The fact that such an issue is even being raised is indicative of the worsening state of society today.

    Sex is only permissible within the boundaries of marriage.

    God Almighty will one day judge those who love what He hates.

  • Never should be legalized!

    I don't think the U.S. should ever legalize prostitution. I think this country would be in for a world of hurt and disease. If prostitution was legalized, I think diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, and various STD's would be on the rise. Granted, there would be a boost in the healthcare system, I don't think it would be worth it.
    I think we should offer programs and help people get off the streets and teach them that there are other safer ways to make money.

  • No Industry Should Demean Women

    The United States doesn't need a nationwide sex industry. Girls who become strippers have already had their self esteem ripped apart when they use their bodies to sell themselves to men. America doesn't need another industry filled with debauchery that ruins the self esteem of young women even further. Let's treat women with respect and dignity instead of trampling all over them, shall we?

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