• From a third-gender individual

    1) I'm third-gender, so a gender _other than_ 'woman' or 'man'.
    2) I'm not legally recognized as even _existing_ for the time being.
    3) Gender is _not_ tied to what genitalia a person has, otherwise there wouldn't be male-bodied women, female-bodied men, or intersex-bodied women and men.
    4) Chromosomes aren't as simple as female-bodied = XX and male-bodied = XY. There are male-bodied individuals that have XX chromosomes, there are female-bodied individuals that have XY chromosomes, and there are people of any variety of body types that have XXY, XXXY, XYY, XO, or even mosaic chromosomes of XX _and_ XY in the same body. The simple fact is that you wouldn't even know just by looking at such individuals- so why even bother trying to insist that there are "only" women and men?

    5) I'm sick and freaking tired of being treated like I don't exist, and I'm sick of having the wrong letter on my ID. Believe me, there's more than just that frustration saddled on not having your gender recognized.

    Posted by: Fira
  • I am third gender and want legal recognition as such.

    No one should be forced into gender identity categories determined by other people. Only the individual can know their own gender identity, no one else. Third or fourth genders have existed in many cultures from time immemorial. We mistakenly assume our binary system of gender is the only valid one.

  • Real people aren't getting gender recognition.

    People have to face discrimination all the time because of their gender and gender identity. We need to stop hurting individuals in this way by not having laws about third gender. Having the wrong letter on IDs can make people of that gender very dysphoric and they finally deserve recognition in today's society.

  • The need for accommodation outweighs any consequences

    There is no way to consider our nation as a greater advocate for equality and rights when second-world and third-world countries like India and Pakistan have already outdone our attentions to this issue. The cost of assimilation is not so extreme as to require reform of restrooms, but they are beneficial to giving all peoples the equality we promise them as a nation.

  • People are born other than man and women and just causesomeone believes otherwise doesn't mean it should get people trapped in one of their opinions!

    Gender is not penis or vagina it is what your brain says AND NO it would cost the government nothing !While it costs people happiness it is something that people are born as and even if it wasn't true what is the difference to someone who doesn't identify as so ?Nothing except they just can't stand to see someone happy defining them selves how they wont!!!I would understand if it actually hurt someone or god forbid take lives though it doesn't,that is the only laws we should allow to pass the once that can harm someone,and not rules about defining your self as you actually are born!

  • No, that is not practical.

    No, the U.S. should not legally recognize a third gender, because it is not practical and too costly to do so. The United States would have to do a great deal of retrofitting, in order to have civil rights for a third gender. This would be very costly to something that, let's be honest, only affects a small number of people.

  • No just dont

    All they want is attention and this is your way of giving it to them and that this is BS and the fact that the non binary is just a fucking opinion saying im a special little mother fucking snow flake so please just fucking no i beg you no

  • No it should not.

    Why would we? There is no third gender. Either you have a penis, or a vagina, one or the other. If you have a penis, you are a man, if you have a vaina, you are a woman. Stop with this nonsense please. There are only two genders and unless you have a ball of tentacles down there, you are either a man, or a woman.

  • Whats next communsim

    I might have some clouded glasses but this is one more step towards communism , think about it. I am not saying that you do not exist its just one more step towards confusion and one more step towards communism. It would result in the ratification of our nation and more things

  • Costs outweigh the benefits

    Only a minute percent (Like 0.01%) of the population of America is of the "third gender". If it is recognized, all buildings will have to do major remodels, as we need 3rd gender locker rooms, bathrooms, and etc. I understand that there are genetic disorders of chromosones, yet you can't be both genders, as humans don't self-reproduce.

  • No time for all that crap

    People are either male or female, or somewhere in between. There is no 3rd gender. Period

    I'll understand if there is no preference or choose not to answer, but adding on a 3rd gender means building corresponding gender-specific places like prisons and schools. It's just not something we need to be doing

  • There is no third gender

    There are two genders: male and female. You are born one or the other, and that is a biological fact. You may "feel" like the opposite gender or even a third gender, but this does not make you a part of the opposite or third gender. Sometimes, when I sprint down a hill, I feel like a race car. This does not make me a race car. Your DNA determines your gender. Don't forget though that your gender does not necessarily determine your life.

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