• Of course we can

    In school we learn about politics starting in grade 3. WE are already quite in formed by grade 5. And still continue learning through grade. Yes the government should lower it 14. Our parents trust us home alone, they trust us with a key they can trust us with a vote.

  • Science says so

    Based off scientific research the brain is not fully developed by 18 or 20. So if we lower the voting age we will have immature people voting on the major things such as presidents and governors. Imagine a high school student picking our world leader. That is ludicrous. And with that I rest my case.

  • They Should Not

    At the time students are teens they are very self centered and emotional. They are too sensitive. I have a 15 yr old sister and she agrees that teens are still trying to figure out their future and are confused about it, so how will they figure out someone elses? Also, most kids have chores if "they" are not responsible enough to fully do and finish their chores how are they responsible enough to pick our future representatives? Sure it is just marking an "x" on a ballet but they will be "picking the future." I am just 12 and turning 13 soon but I know the impact lowering the voting age could do and I don't think it's a good idea

  • Yes voting at 16

    Im debating about it so i want it to happen because the us needs a bigger # of voters......In closing i would like to vote yes on making the voting age lower to the age of 16 maybe even lower but yes indeed i want it lower! Do it now

  • They should be able to learn

    Voting will definitely help teens at high school (or any). Knowing about who's in charge of them and what's going on in the world will really help students. Also, usually voting is a big subject to talk about. Wouldn't you feel bad if you wouldn't be able to talk with them?

  • We should vote it's our right

    Elizabeth Covell
    11 November 2013
    Klassen 4
    Persuasive Essay

    Teenager voters

    Have you ever thought about why the age for voting is so high ? Well, I have. Right now,
    in order to vote in the U.S. , you must be 18 years or older and a US citizen
    I think the U.S should lower the voting age to 16.
    Teenagers should vote because its their future. All people are affected by the decisions politicians make. If we allow teens to vote, it lets them have a say in their future. The teens who are ignorant and don't care, wouldn't vote anyway. Those that do care, are the future leaders of our nation.
    Teenagers take on a lot of adult responsibilities already. 80 % of teens pay 9.7 billion dollars on sales tax and income tax from their jobs. 400 , 731 , 249 teens between 16 and 19 possess valid drivers licenses. Adults have kids to support and so do teens. 820,000 teens have kids each year.
    Teens are also interested in politics. There is a survey that shows 60% of teens are interested in politics. Hundreds of thousands of 16 and 17 year olds choose to study politics. Some teenagers are probably uninterested because they have no say and can't vote.
    These are just a few reasons the U.S should lower the voting age to 16. Teenagers are going to have to live in the world we created from votes. They have many adult responsibilities, even though we don't see it that way. A lot of teenagers are interested in politics but there would be more teens interested if they could vote. Don’t get me wrong, i'm not forcing anybody to vote. I’m just saying if teenagers want to vote we shouldn’t stand in their way !

  • Yes The U.S Should Lower The Voting Age

    Say there was a huge argument about something like gay rights. The government could ask who's for gay rights and who's against gay rights. There would be more people to vote for (or against) gay rights. At age 18 there is a smaller count of people to vote and not everybody gets their word out to the public, mainly people who are younger. So if the voting age is lowered, a lot more people could vote for what they want.

  • We are the Future, So Why Shut us Up.

    There is one fact that people like to ignore; teens have an opinion that isn't and should be heard. We aren't just the future of YOUR country we are the future of ours too so I believe we should have a say in it starting at 16, 16 is an age that's not to young and not to old.

  • They Should Lower The Voting Age

    We should lower the voting age because we need different perspectives, and we need people to be more active in government. By having younger people vote that might develop more interest in government. Scholastic News states in the countries of Brazil, Austria 16 year olds can vote already. Support your nearest county by writing a letter to let 16 year olds vote.

  • We aren't that irresponsible

    Adults look down on teens because we make mistakes, but it's not like adults didn't make mistakes. It was them who voted some of the worst presidents into office. Some include: Herbert Hoover,John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Warren Harding, and so much more. So I don't see what the difference is between adults and teens. Both make mistakes.

  • Science says so

    Based off scientific research the brain is not fully developed by 18 or 20. So if we lower the voting age we will have immature people voting on the major things such as presidents and governors. Imagine a high school student picking our world leader. That is ludicrous. And with that I rest my case.

  • Young people shouldn't vote.

    I'm not even old enough to vote, but considering my own experience with people under 18, they make a lot of mistakes. If they are dumb enough to do what I have seen and heard about, imagine what they will do to our country! Under 18 means you are a kid, and kids don't always know right from wrong!

  • No they should not vote

    They are too young and don't even live on their own and they will not feel the consequences that full grown, living on their own adults feel. I for instance am 18 and I do not know enough about voting to vote with a good decision. The voting age should be raised not lowered.

  • Brain

    No, plain and simple. The reason' being that 17 is still a minor, a child, and yes that term is correct, at 17 you have the world in the palm of your hand and are still learning how to work it, trying to tip that hand or anything that will affect has consequences, that is why Florida and California have the age of consent at 18 as well, teen years are very volatile and no extra stress or pressure should be placed on us as we develop.

  • No, the minimum age should remain 18.

    A person under the age of 18 is still considered a child. An overwhelming majority of them are still in high school. While they do have life experiences, they are generally very different than those of an adult. They do not have experience in areas such as work, unemployment, taxes and war. Without these experiences, it would be hard for them to understand the issues that candidates are campaigning on in order to win votes.

  • No.

    Often people at eighteen aren't even socially aware and active enough in the political spectrum to make an informed decision on elections as it is. They just go along with what their parents decide. What makes anyone think that even younger members of the populace would do any better. I mean, sure, there are exceptions. But those are minuscule in number.

  • Smells like liberal agenda

    Why do we want hormone crazed teenagers voting for our representatives? We know that the brain isn't fully developed until we are 25, so frankly, I think the 18 year old voting age is too young-- I'd push it to be increased to 21. The amount that is learned and developed during those years is exponential.

  • Voting at the age of 16. Most 16 year-olds would quit school if they could.

    Not socially, physically developed. Haven't lived long enough to make informed decisions. They have no sense. Make poor choices. I don't want 16-year-olds deciding my future. 16-year-olds are 16-year-olds, they are not adults. Most of them can't even count back change, get a job, or keep their rooms clean, let alone get to school on time. Between the ages of 11 and 18 they are still essentially just kids. Back in the day a 16-year-old would be having a job, helping to support the family. However, today they suck off their parents until they're 25. I vote a BIG NO!

  • There shouldn't be a voting age.

    Age is an arbitrary, illogical way of determining whether or not somebody should be allowed to vote. I would rather have a mature, intelligent and politically knowledgeable 16 year old vote rather than a completely ignorant, dumb person who turned 18 before the election or some uninformed 35 year old. We should require people to take tests prior to registration to determine their judgment. Some 12 year olds are easily influenced by their parents saying "Obama is better than Romney" but some aren't. We should have some flexibility in the system to distinguish the two.

    Posted by: luvx
  • Children may make inappropriate choices.

    Many kids do not have enough education to vote. They do not understand the importance of making the correct choices. They may just choose randomly and end up affecting the whole state. Many kids will just follow what their household members agree upon. The voting age should remain 18 years old.

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