• It's matter of resourcefulness.

    It's great that so many men and women volunteer, but many of them could be replaced by drones. Considering how valuable soldiers can be, there is absolutely no reason to risk their lives when it is not necessary.

    Considering safety of the US as a whole, many more lives would be saved through medical research. You only have to look at the mortality rate percentage and sources.

    I cannot value soldiers jobs over their lives and citizen lives and I do not see why anyone else would.

  • Strengthen US economy

    By supporting fundamental scientific research it's more likely that new industries will be spawned within the US strengthening the economy in ways we can't even think of.
    A stronger economy is the measure of a world power not the amount of weapons it has, the US will still be more than capable of defending its interests at home and abroad.

  • 41 per cent of all money spent on military funding in the world comes from the US

    41 per cent. That's as many as 4 10.25's.
    Unless the next 30 or so, give or take a few, countries decide to gang up on the US, then there is absolutely no reason for them to spend this much money on maintaining such a huge armed force.

  • Yes, the defense budget is out of control and needs durastic cuts

    The defense budget is completely and totally bankrupting the nation. The amount of money wasted on the military is gross in comparison to the amount spent on education, and downright scary in comparison to what is spent on science. There is no reason to spend all of this money and resources on military and weaponry. The main goal of our modern military is to gain resources, particularly oil. If we spent 10% of the military budget on science we could easily find alternative sources of energy, become oil independent, and have no reason to have such a large military. This could be done within a decade with proper resource and funding allocation.


    There is no doubt to how beneficial it would be to our nation to cut the defense budget. We spend more on defense than any other program we have in this nation. We would be able to jump start the economy and create jobs through projects and civil construction. This is an imperative step in bringing the United States back to where is was while under Clinton.

  • The US should reduce its defense spending.

    The US recently pulled out of Iraq and is currently winding down operations in Afghanistan. With these two costly occupations almost at an end, it only makes sense that US would spend less on the military. Furthermore, the US currently spends far more on its military than any other country, so it could easily afford to make cuts yet still afford a powerful defense.

  • What about the jobless troops?

    In the upcoming defense budget cuts more than 120,000 men and women of the armed services will be coming home. About 80% of them will become homeless and jobless. Increasing our unemployment rate. Cutting defense spending is delaying the inevitable. Just because its easier to cut the military's budget doesn't mean we should. There are other places to cut budgets.


    We need money to protect our country. If we don't keep war out, then it will come in. This is the only way we can protect our country, because we can't just wave peace signs in the air and expect our enemies to change their minds. The only reason we want to cut the budget for defense is because we can't see that our money is going to other useless places. We are not here to talk about that though. All in all, defense is one of our primary priorities.

  • no

    in order to maintain the place of world superpower and safe haven, the US needs to maintain the defense budget. Already, the world is begining to grow and if we cut spending we will be so out gunned, that we might loose a world war three. if you want to cut the budget, cut social programs

  • No, the U.S. should not cut the defense budget.

    The United States have already spaced our military resources out too thinly. I believe defense budget cuts are a horrible idea considering the world scene, as well as our economic crisis. Spending cuts are necessary for our economic recovery, but not at the expense of putting our citizens in danger, or out of a job. Cut some different programs.

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