Should the U.S. make gay marriage legal in every state to simplify tax, inheritance, and other legal matters for same-sex couples?

  • Homosexuality is not wrong.

    Yes, it does state that homosexuality is an "abomination" in the Bible. It also states that God loves all of the people that He created. The Bible was created solely to help people deal with their everyday problems by giving them words to live by. This does not mean Christians have to fully indulge themselves in these testaments. While I may not believe in God, I do believe that some of the scriptures in the Bible are good to live by; so, I use them to help me. And this should be the same for Christians, Catholics, etc. Out of all of the testaments in the Bible, why choose this one in particular? If the Bible said something such as "Gray hair is a sin, no man nor woman shall have even a single strand or they will not enter the kingdom of God" would you believe that too? Well, you're Christian right, and aren't Christians supposed to follow every word of God? I'm afraid the answer is no.

    As for children being developed by man and woman, is the U.S. not already over-populated? Would it hurt to have a small percentage of the world who decides to love someone of the same sex not be able to reproduce? While it may be natural for a woman and man to have children, is it not natural for love to be love? By prohibiting rights on gay marriage, anti-gay rights supporters are prohibiting rights on love. Just because a gay person decides to play football does not mean it is now "gay football." It is just football. Just because a gay person owns a cat does not always mean it is a "gay cat." It is just a cat. And marriage between a man and another man or a woman and another woman, as long as it is love they experience with each other, is not "gay marriage." It is just marriage.

  • Make Marriage A Legal Right For Everybody

    The right to marry is not the exclusive legal territory or right of those who would only recognize the union of a man and woman. Remove this biased and discriminatory interpretation of marriage at the federal level of government. We need to move on beyond the fears of those who seemingly have very little trust or compassion for people unlike themselves.

  • My taxes accepted and my rights are denied!

    It's simple don't want to be in a gay marriage then don't have one. Don't want an abortion then don't get one! These things may not be for you! That's fine it's your choice! No one is asking you to do these things if they are against your belief! However what choice do gays have to protect their tax dollars and social security? I find it funny gay money accepted your rights denied;) I don't believe in a lot of things maybe I don't believe in your church or what it means or has to say... I'm not trying to close down a place you choose to be! I just choose not to go or participate! I believe in god I believe in being respectful and kind to people for who they are... It's really rewarding and not that hard to do! I urge you opposers to try it sometime! What your doing is not my problem or concern... Get married and divorced as many times as you like as often as you like! Heck go through a drive thur and do it! Yup marriage sure is special! It shows;) in the meantime why do you care so much about what I'm doing? I'm not judging you on your hate or actions who are you to judge upon me! Do you know who I am is your personal fairy angel going to loose it's wings upon my choice to be married in a same sex relationship? Most likely not! You won't know the day I get married you won't know the difference! Trust me one day someone in your family will want to be happy in a way you currently do not understand! When they do where will you be? Will you not judge and stand up and say I still love you! Or will you toss them aside like trash on the side of the road... Well that's your choice how you react and even though it will be sad for whoever in your family comes out one day your choice to act that way doesn't personally affect me! Just remember someone who your close to and love greatly will cast themselves away from you. For that I am sorry for your loss upon that day! Keep up the good fight feel free to use my money to do so... I don't mind because even though you oppose me as a person I care about the next generation your children and grandchildren getting the best school experience possible! Because good people no matter how much they are put down truly care for all people no matter if they agree with their neighbor or not!

  • Church and state are SEPERATE

    I believe that everyone has a right to there choice of who they love, everonr say it is sinful to God, while I believe in God, not everyone does and you can't say it is because of religious reasons, not everyone believes in religion. God loves everyone regardless of if they are gay or straight ot whatever and he always will

  • Legalize marriage for all.

    Marriage is a CONSERVATIVE and stabilizing status. I confounds me why mean spirited "christian" zealots do not understand this. Straight marriage has been dragged though the mud by incidents like the Anna Nichole Smith-like situations and here are committed loving people who after many years of being together just want validation and the protections marriage offers. The argument of naming it something else like "civil unions" and offering a "skim milk" version of marriage is the same as post Jim Crow separate but equal. Once separated, equality ceases to exist. It's an oxymoron.

  • 14th amendment and separation of church and state.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof... THAT takes care of those using their religious beliefs as an argument by using your religion to make it illegal is unconstitutional. Secondly this is the land of the free. No person should be discriminated against for who they love.

  • 100% Support of Equality

    Just because a person is gay, bi, or lesbian, does NOT mean that they should be discriminated against and not allowed to be married to whomever they choose. Although marriage is traditionally a religious institution, and many argue that it should be a ruling of the church rather than the government because of that, marriage is now inseparably entwined with the government now. Tax, inheritance, insurance, and much more are all based on marriage now, so is it really fair to deny the right to homosexual couples to have the same benefits that married heterosexual couples have? Also, gay marriage poses absolutely no threat to straight marriages. Somebody else getting married is not going to affect your marriage. And while gay marriage is considered sinful in many religions, state and church ARE separate in the United States, so there's no reason gay marriage should not be legalized based on religion.

  • 14 amendment, period

    So far the opposition has yet to put forward a rational argument in favor of limiting the rights of others to engage in there version of the pursuit of happiness that is guaranteed by our constitution. In a secular country such as ours freedom of religion and freedom from religion benefits both sides.

  • 14 amendment, period

    So far the opposition has yet to put forward a rational argument in favor of limiting the rights of others to engage in there version of the pursuit of happiness that is guaranteed by our constitution. In a secular country such as ours freedom of religion and freedom from religion benefits both sides.

  • Love is anthing

    Being gay isn’t something people choose to be. The choice is about deciding how to live your life. I believe that gay people should have the right to express their feelings to others without being judged. At some schools 9 out of 10 kids are bullied, beaten and bashed because they are gay. They take their lives because they feel unaccepted in our society. I don’t think people should die for feeling what they feel. Homosexual behavior was an act of freedom of choice, people should learn to understand and respect other people’s feelings for each other. Gaymarriage.Procon.Org says “If a gay man or lesbian woman wants to get married, all they need to do is choose not to be gay and marry someone of the opposite sex” What if straight people were forced to love someone they didn’t want to love? Religious beliefs say that it is offending to the bible, but no where it the bible does it say to go against gay marriage. Gay marriage should be legal because they are people and they should have the right to love.

  • I oppose making same sex marriages legal. Marriage was instituted by God for a man and a woman.

    I do not believe that same sex marriages should ever be legalized. Marriage was something that God instituted in the beginning and it was never intended to be between two people of the same gender. No legal matters should ever be put above what the Sovereign has instituted. It will never be moral, and legalizing it just shows how bad the world has become.

    Posted by: DelaneyG
  • Children's inheritance issues

    The facts are this: Unless and until same-sex procreation or three-person reproduction becomes a reality, children will always arise from the union of one man and one woman. All children have, as the French feminist philosopher Sylviane Agacinski calls it, a "double origin," that of a mother and a father, an origin we cannot deny and that the children certainly cannot ignore, for they see it every time they look in the mirror. When we change the mother-father dimension of marriage or the two-person understanding of marriage, we also change understandings of parenthood in ways that dramatically impact the future for children.

    Do mothers and fathers matter to children? Is there anything special - anything worth supporting - about the two-person, mother-father model? These are the questions on the table. Let's not experiment on a new generation of children and wait for the results to come in twenty years down the road. The time to take on these questions is now.

  • No...In the inheritance area, think about the move when there are children involved.

    The effects of marriage definitions on parenthood"
    NEEDED> A Moratorium: All nations should take a moratorium or a "time out" lasting five years. Until we better understand and prioritize the needs of children, no legislatures, courts, or commissions should press forward with recommendations or changes that broadly undermine the normative importance of mothers and fathers in the lives of children, nor should they support intentionally denying unborn children knowledge of and a relationship with their own mother and father. Rather, the states should concentrate their energies on rigorous inquiry and active debate about the needs of children and the role of mothers and fathers in their lives.

    When we change the mother-father dimension of marriage or the two-person understanding of marriage, we also change understandings of parenthood in ways that dramatically impact the future for children.

  • God Forbids It; U.S. shouldn't make gay marriage legal in every state to simplify tax, inheritance, and other legal matters for same-sex couples.

    The arguement isnt about rights abouts creation. God created mankind in His image and He makes it clear in His word that marriage is between man and woman. To indulge in same sex intercourse as well as same sex marriage is offensive to the very charater of God. HE is beyond any cultute and any government. I pray for those who believe that this abominibal act is okay and that their eyes be open before thay die in this sinful act and have to face a God of judgment.

  • No.

    That is the absolute stupidest reason I've ever heard for legalizing gay marriage.

  • Gay marriage should not be legal in every state because legalizing gay marriage nationally will divide the country socially.

    Many conservatives highly oppose gay marriage either for personal reasons or because of religious reasons that consider it to be sin. Legalizing gay marriage across the country would cause the religious right, a large section of the country, to continually protest against the government to try to reverse the order to make it legal. Instead, it should be legal to nationalize civil unions so the religious right would not classify it as marriage.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • I oppose gay marriage solely on the basis of my beliefs: the union of same-sex couples is strictly forbidden in the Bible.

    I don't think that financial concerns should dictate moral decisions. What would be next? The union of a man and his dog because it would cost him less in veterinarian bills, or some such scenario? Where do we draw the line when it comes to the marriage between people or animals?

    Posted by: P0ngCuII
  • I do not believe the US should make gay marriage legal. I believe all marriage should be thrown out and left to the church.

    Marriage is a religious based idea. The government should not be in the business of sanctioning a religious based idea. Instead of adding gay/lesbian/trans-gender/bi-sexual to the list of who can or cannot marry, the government should get out of the marriage business all-together. If two people choose to co-mingle their monies, choose one-another on health benefits or as beneficiaries for life insurance, that should all be made a part of binding legal contracts and leave the church out of it.

    Posted by: ArielS

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