• It can't hurt

    If both US and Iran agree to come to some sort of compromise so that their relationship can be mended then I don't see how that will hurt. Having enemies is not a good thing, especially for a country like the US. I also do not think that an enemy from Asia/Euro-Asia is a good idea because their militaries and tactics are superior to the US's capabilities.

  • We should at least try, yes.

    In my opinion, the US is hypocritical in its response to Iran. We say that they shouldn't have nuclear weapons, but then we have nuclear weapons. They are an emerging power, and while I take issue with many of the stifling cultural practices there, that does not mean that we should treat the country as though it is a total pariah.

  • Thug life wanted

    I believe no, because when America is at peace with Iran, it is inevitable that Iran will use its nuclear power to destroy our homeland the USA. Also when we make peace with them the immigrants will come flooding in like locusts to fields of grain they can destroy. They will take out resources blow a few buildings up start a war and then flee like they are doing currently from their country.

  • They could easily violate the treaty

    If we are placing stockinette in Iran which is a virus thing that can be of immediate access if Iran decides to use there nuclear weapons, then we obviously aren't mending. Its like two friends holding a gun at each others faces and waiting till the other moves so they can take action. Plus this whole nuclear deal is like we are paying a bully not to harm us. I don't think we should do this because it cost too much. Plus Iran gets more out of it. In a friendship, both should benefit equally.

  • They just want a new museum

    Seizing an embassy and taking the workers prisoner is not something any civilized country does. Any claim of the government not being reflective of the people of Iran is BS, they put the government in place and keep electing it. If they want barbarians in charge then it is probably best to just let them sit in isolation from the rest of the civilized world.

  • Yes and No.

    The U.S. should try to remain in positive relationships with as many nations as possible, Iran included. However, on Iran's side, they have never been so cooperative in dealing with the U.S. Until Iran mends itself from its corrupt government and leaders, it will be near impossible for the U.S. to establish peaceful relations with them.

  • It's not up to us

    When and if Iran wants to act like grown ups then I have no problem with things being mended between the two country's.

    I don't see that as something that will happen in the near future, Iran doesn't allow free elections and is under the leadership of a poor leader they wanted to remove the last time they were allowed to vote.

    Things are corrupt there and until that changes there is no need for the United States to bend over backwards to help mend things with Iran.

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