Should the U.S Military be considered a 'world police force'?

Asked by: Sozuc
  • I think it should be

    The US has protected international laws several times historically, when human rights have been violated in the middle east, the United States intervened in order to enforce laws agreed upon by the United Nations. Also, they protect the rights of citizens when intervening, bringing about more democratic government and law-abiding systems of power.

  • We need to uphold international law

    The United States is part of what is known as the UN security council, which is a group of countries that are obligated to uphold international laws of the UN. These do include things like the use of chemical weapons, and crimes against humanity.

    Secondly, the US is a major power, and the international crimes that we need to combat are major crimes. A nation will sufficient power to successfully overcome a suspect nation needs to be the one that enforces the law, just as police are given a whole range of weapons and body armor to combat suspect people.

  • Not what it seems

    The view that America is the Worlds police force is the ace in the sleeve of the American government. Every conflict since the end of WWII has been connected, and they all center around control of the global financial system, which the US currently has but is in danger of losing. Of course, the concept of going to war for financial control would never get the support of the people. Because of this, the United States has become very good at crisis initiation: they initiate some sort of supposed travesty against the human race, so that American citizens will blindly support our military coming to save the day. The "attacks" of September 11, where 3 buildings fell at freefal speeds, defying all possibility in engineering and physics, garnered public support for the invasion of Iraq. Whats not as well known is that shortly before this, Iraq had switched their oil sales from the dollar to the Euro. Directly after we invaded, oil sales were switched back to dollars, even though doing so resulted in a loss of revenue due to the Euros higher value. Libya was in the process of changing a majority of africa from the dollar to a gold standard for trade purposes. The United States ended that by staging and supporting the rebellion which overthrew the Libyan government. They did so with accounts of travesties against humanity, which are widely disputed. Now, Iran is attempting to quit the dollar for oil trade. Interesting, considering we have accused Iran of nuclear weapons, even though UN officials claimed there was overwhelming evidence that a nuclear weapon was not even being planned to be built, much less already possessed. So when that fell flat, we shifted our attention toward Syria, which is bound to Iran by a mutual defense treaty. There is overwhelming evidence that the chemical attacks in Syria were made by the US backed rebels, not Assads regime. As long as America can give the illusion that their involvement is for the best interest of all mankind, they can keep garnering support for corrupt wars of financial power.

  • It's probably not our problem

    Have you ever seen the movie Team America: World Police? In relation to this argument, I believe there are stunning similarities. If you haven't I highly recommend seeing it before continuing this poll. I encourage anyone who votes on this poll to see it as well. The US intervening in the affairs of other nations where it is quite frankly not our problem. The US cant solve everyones problems, sorry.

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