Should the U.S. Military use taxpayer dollars to write a manual on baking brownies?

  • Brownies are an inalienable right that isn't being addressed enough

    We need more support in the creation of brownies for the consumption of the general public. While the military may not be the first government organization that comes to mind in the area of food production, it is a respected and essential part of American life that will surely increase brownie production through an overt display of its support. A manual is a great way to do this, as it provides more information to the public on brownie creation guided by the expertise of our talented military.

  • No. That's ridiculous.

    This is a complete waste of money. You don't need a manual for everything, and everything doesn't have to be uniform, all the time. I understand, to a certain degree, the importance of uniformity in the military. They want structure, along with a sense of unity and equality. That's fine when it comes to many things, but completely unnecessary when it comes to things like brownies.

  • US Military Cookbook?

    The use (misuse) of taxpayer dollars to write a "manual" (aka cookbook) on baking brownies is a collosal waste not only of taxpayer dollars but time. There has to be a million of more brownie and brownie-like recipes that bakers around the world have inherited from grandma or perfected in their own kitchen or gotten from the grocery store in a mix. Why had the government red tape to something as homespun as brownies. .Should not the U.S. Military use the same dollars to fight domestic terror issues or something.

  • No. Why? Is this even up for debate?

    I'm sorry, what now? Why is the US Military wanting to write a manual on baking brownies? If they want to do that, they should be funding it through fundraising and personal donations, not the money of the taxpayer. I can't quite believe this is even being discussed, to be honest.

  • No, taxes should be spent more wisely.

    No, the U.S. military should not use tax dollars to write a manual on baking brownies. The U.S. military should not be required to deal with minutiae such as developing recipes when it has more important duties domestically and overseas. Projects that receive these tax dollars take away from more important endeavors and make it more difficult to control the federal budget.

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