Should the U.S. officially recognize the new Syrian coalition?

  • Yes

    Apparently, he wanted to test the influence of the backers of the Syrian regime and the political leaders of the opposition (Syrian National Council, or SNC) who accepted the ceasefire. Even the military leaders of the FSA accepted the Eid ceasefire. He was aware that for the ceasefire to hold, the opposition groups must stop fighting. It is one thing to claim control over armed groups by simply supporting their actions, but it is a different level of credible control to actually order these groups to stop fighting and see compliance on the ground. Brahimi wanted actual proof of command and control over armed groups in the form of four days of quiet.

    Posted by: Jhon
  • Recognize it before we lose it

    These kind of governmental overthrowings in that part of the world are the kind of thing Al Qaeda jumps all over and tries to shoehorn their way into having some political influence. The United States cannot let Syria fall to a group like that when it is looking for new leadership. We need to get behind them and let them know who their allies are, and more importantly who they aren't.

  • U.S. Must Tread Carefully

    As is often the case with war and military conflict, this is an extremely complicated subject. It is difficult to separate fact from fiction, and reality versus spun tales. It has been said that the Free Syrian Army is allied with terrorist groups. There are others, however, that claim that this is untrue. Regardless of whether or not the FSR has terrorist ties, we must acknowledge that the situation is grim in Syria right now. The FSR’s efforts to overthrow Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, are dead serious, and they are a group to be reckoned with. We cannot ignore the situation, however we have to be careful, lest we become entangled in yet another Middle-Eastern war.

  • Here is why:

    Some Syrian rebels, not all, have ties to State Department-labeled terrorist groups. Why are we even involved with this mess? If the USA was sooooo interested in humanitarian intervention, they should look no further than Communist China.

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