• Abortion is murder and it is unconstitutional

    Giving women the right to have an abortion for any reason is unconstitutional. You can't amend the constitution when that amendment completely cancels out the original right for every US Citizen to have the right to life! Of course, it's murder too. And murder of any kind should not be a constitutional right. Roe v Wade decided to protect a woman's wish to have an abortion while (excuse my French) shitting all over another person's BASIC human right to LIVE. Also, how anyone can care more about full grown adult women having the right to choose to murder their child, than caring about the innocent and voiceless unborn is beyond me.

  • Unborn helpless babies

    Every woman that has aborted a baby will give account on the day of Judgement repent God is merciful to forgive you if you mean it. It is a mystery to completely understand that, from the first day of conception a fetus is alive it feels pain. Lack of understanding does not justify the killing and terminating of the baby's life. It is barbaric to kill the most vulnerable and innocent the fetus. I say give it up for adoption.

  • Killing innocent children

    The child in the womb is a living human being. Killing the unborn child is murder and needs to stop. These children that are being killed are people like you and I who have lives ahead of them. These children also should have an opportunity to go out and help to world in some way instead of being murdered.

  • Abortion is MURDER!

    There are a few reasons I believe yes on this topic. My number one reason basically is because it's considered murder thats the main and largest reason of them all. My other reasoning is also if there still is going to be some right of Roe v. Wade then the fathers should have some decision. I don't think it is right just for a mother like this on her own!

  • Abortion kills a child

    The child in that womb is a living human being. According to abortionist arguments if it can't feel it its not murder, which means if I put you on anesthesia and kill you it's not murder. They also say its not a fully formed human so it's not murder, which means if I kill a 12 year old child (they are not fully formed, this is why alcohol is illegal for consumption under the age of 21) it's not murder. They also say if the child really did have a right to life abortion would be illegal, but by that logic Jews do not have a right to life because the holocaust happened, and was legally carried out by government.


    Not only is abortion the killing of innocent human life, but Roe v. Wade did not go through the democratic process, but instead ruled that all state abortion bans since the nation's founding were unconstitutional under the fourteenth amendment. The writers of the fourteenth amendment would be appalled at this twisted liberal interpretation. We have sacrificed a generation of Americans to the alter of radical feminism. OVERTURN ROE V. WADE NOW!

  • Non religious zealot and female

    First of all there are multiple studies that show fetuses feel pain, that is cruel and unusual. And I understand that if you were raped it would be very painful to carry a baby for nine months, but I think that you should only abort the baby if you really cannot take it anymore. And if you use abortion as a form of conception that is just wrong. The fetus should not have to suffer because you can't shut your legs or use protection. I think if the baby is making the mother sick that is a double edged sword. There is a new law form of abortion in New York, that literally tears the fetus apart, that is awful.
    I wish people understood that there is a life growing. Have any of you heard of baby Walter, his heart was beating at nineteen weeks and he was not just "a bunch of tissue" or "a clump of cells," he had life. We should overturn Roe v. Wade because it is murder. You are taking away the opportunity for the fetus to grow into a living being that could have been. I am not particularly religious, I just think that murdering an innocent fetus is wrong.

  • Stop being hypocritical

    Many people who are advocates for abortion also advocate for gay rights and bills to help handicapped people, poor people, etc. They invoke the "equal protection " clause in their bills and the Supreme Courts uphold these laws based on that principle. Some even talk of human dignity, and how it is our responsibility to protect those who can't help themselves.

    Yet they permit abortion.

    I am not attacking any specific party; I'm simply saying it is hypocritical to protect the rights of those hurting in our world today but turn a blind eye towards abortion. Ask any abortion doctor, or watch an abortion. It is not pretty. It is horrible; because it's simply murder. If left alone; that baby would live in the womb until it would be born, and then grow and develop more.

    That baby is a person: if you disagree: what defines a person??

    Is it the ability to communicate? What about someone in a coma or someone with severe disabilities-are they not people?

    Is it the ability to be seen? Look at an ultrasound.

    Is it the ability to be valuable to society? They will be if left alone, but even still many handicapped people cannot help society, yet are considered people.

    Abortion is allowed because of the selfish desires of people who can shut off their consciences and kill their children. There is no excuse for abortion: so stop being hypocritical and either have no respect for human dignity or have some and help end abortion.

  • Let the future generations have a chance at life

    Life begins at conception. I believe that all lives (born and unborn) deserve basic protection. The lives of the unborn seem at the greatest risk in this country simply because they are unable to defend themselves or speak up for themselves. It's easy to take advantage of their vulnerability and so it seems many people chose abortion for all kids of reasons--sometimes of convenience sometimes because they are pressured into seeing abortion as their only choice. The reasons for abortion seem irrelevant (in my opinion)

  • Based on a lie

    The idea that she was raped is simply a lie. She said so herself. The premise is based on a lie. In addition, girls, particularly African Americans, are generally the most aborted sex. Thus, if anyone is being sexist/racist, it is those who believe in abortion. We tend to not consider the rights or viability of the unborn. If it is viable, it should be born. And don't forget the idea that they might survive. The effects are worse if they survive. There is footage of babies who clung to the womb as they were ripped out. And don't forget, the women are often traumatized.

  • That is a woman's choice.

    Although I personally don't believe in abortion, it is not my job to make the decision for 300 million other people. Perhaps if someone here on Earth could somehow know exactly how the future would turn out for these unborn children, then we should overturn Roe v. Wade, but until that (nonexistent) day comes, it should be up to the woman and her family to make the choice.

  • NO

    Until that fetus reaches viability, it is parasitically dependent upon my body. In the time frame where the vast majority of abortions are performed where there isn't a pressing need, the fetus doesn't even have a real brain, a heartbeat, or anything even resembling a functioning nervous system.

    I know that a lot of people think that abortion is murder, but that's just crazy to my mind.

    Besides, overturning that ruling is not going to magically make abortions go away. I know that people think it will, but it won't.

  • No, Roe v. Wade should stand.

    This is such a hypothetical question because there is no way the U.S. could actually overturn this legal decision. It signaled far more in our society than simply the right to an abortion. It signaled the fundamental right of a woman to have control over what happens to her own body, and that right has had so many threads of impact that we could not possibly go back. Women will not go back to the days of desperation before Roe v. Wade, there is not a law that can be passed or stuck down that will make women take a step backwards in their progress towards social justice.

  • It shouldn't

    The Supreme Court is free to re-examine it again should they choose I suppose, but it cannot flatly be overturned. That is not how the system this country operates under works. The case was looked at, it was voted upon, things were set in place and have stayed for decades in my opinion where they should.

  • No, women need to know they have the right to make their own choices

    Women need to be assured that they can make their own choices in regards to their rights. There is no way anyone can understand the toll the decision needs to make that abortion is the key. What needs to be understood is the fact is there are some situations that abortion is the only thing to keep someone alive.

  • My body, My Right to do what I want with it.

    God gave me a body to do as I wish with it. I do not think any other woman or man has a right to control it, No Government officials or anyone. What if a woman is raped, Abused or a young girl is raped or abused by a family member, They should not have to have an unwanted child, , Not fair to the child or the girl. Mothers who have daughters want the best for them and if it is for the girls well being so be it. No one should be allowed to tell a woman what to do with the body God gave her. It belongs to no one else. There is nothing wrong with abortion and God will understand the rights of a Woman.

  • You are denying medical service

    To those who argue the "child" is alive, Can it think? Can it make any notion as to anything it might want? Is it capable of producing things? No, It isn't. The living woman carrying said child however can do all of those things. She is able to, You know, Live. Like respond to stimulus and have original thoughts and fellings.

  • People, especially women, should be able to make their own decisions

    People should not be able to impose their religious beliefs or moral values on others if those values to agree with the science. Science and The Bible both agree that life begins at first breath; I'd say let people make their own decisions and if someone does not like that then they should just not do the same

  • It's not a matter of debate.

    No woman should be forced to carry a baby she doesn't want. Pregnancy has many negative effects on the bodies, some mothers could potentially lose their lives while giving birth to the child. Even if the mother won't die, she shouldn't have to go through a pregnancy she doesn't want to go through. Not to mention, women who are raped and impregnated should NEVER have to go through the trauma of giving birth to a rapist's child. Access to safe abortion methods and contraceptives are two very important rights and the choices that come with them should be left to the woman making them.

  • It should not

    Life doesnt begin at conception it begins at birth - so abortion is not murder. Pregnancy often threatens a woman's health - she should not be forced to put her child's life before hers. She could have been raped or involved in incest, both of which are cases where she shouldnt be expected to carry out the pregnancy

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selfdo59 says2018-09-24T22:56:30.567
Roe v Wade should be overturned, But NOT on the basis of view of legality or morality of abortion. Rather, The 1973 SCOTUS ruling is likely the most egregious example, Ever, Of judicial overreach and "legislating from the bench". The US Constitution did NOT give SCOTUS the authority to rule on the constitutionality of the various state laws re: abortion, And it's reasoning of a "right to privacy", Especially given that its application varies IAW the fetal age, Is torturous at best.

Mine own state, California, As it liberalized abortion laws in 1971, Would likely retain the status quo were the issue properly reverted back to the CA State Assembly, Senate, And, Upon debate and passage of applicable laws, The Governor. As much as I'd like to see restrictions on "abortion mills" and other laws that would return California physicians to once again live up to the Hippocratic oath to not "procure abortion", I realize that the odds of any change to the 45 y. O. Situation are virtually nil in the once "Golden" State. Which may factor into a decision, Upon retirement, To leave California for good, Though high taxation is a more pressing issue. I would surmise that at least half the states would fairly much do the same as California, And most would be "Blue" states. Even in more "red" states, I'm dubious that there would be any significant moves that would result in so-called "back alley" or "coat hanger" abortions, Which back in the days just before Roe v. Wade were more the stuff of pro-abortion exaggerations and what we term nowadays "urban legends" rather than a significant medical and/or social problem.

But let's say that there was a state that would outright ban or severely restrict abortion on demand. I would guess that this state would most like be Utah. Let's suppose that in the wake of overturning Roe v. Wade that Utah did indeed ban abortion on demand, And made it stick after court challenges. Would that actually prevent Utah women from seeking abortions? I would say very little, If any. Certainly there'd be enough outraged feminists that would organize their form of an "Underground", And "smuggle" pregnant Utah females to a waiting abortionist, Dr. Katz or Rosenbaum, Opportunistically operating an abortion mill in Mesquite or West Wendover, Nevada. Thanks to social media, Which Utah authorities would have no ability to restrict, Facilitating such "marketing", These women wanting an abortion would readily obtain it outside Utah, The sensibilities of a majority Mormon population be damned. Much has changed in the past 50 years, Including free movement and communications by even the poorest of us. So if a Utah female were, In this very hypothetical situation, To either carry forth an much unwanted child to term, Or attempt an illegal and dangerous procedure, It'd be under extreme circumstances of ignorance.

However, The pro-baby-killing, Re: "Pro Choice" (the right to choose death for the unborn child in the location (s)he ought to be the safest ever, The belly of the mother) would not only continue with the ability of the Federal government to override the right of Utahns, Or any other state, To decide their affairs and laws as they see fit, Provided they pass Constitutional muster, But, They'd demand that Utah taxpayers pay, Against the moral convictions of many, The costs of killing an unwanted child for at least "poor" women, If not an outright state-granted benefit to perform this heinous procedure at public expense.

This is why I look forward to Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to SCOTUS. Even though he has declared that he respects precedence, Including Roe V. Wade, That doesn't mean that he wouldn't give a well-argued challenge a fair hearing. That's all that we can ask for as a result of electing President Trump, Getting Supreme Court justices that understand the Constitution and the rule of law.