• The only people who should be answering this question are African Anericans!

    Sorry but I truly don't give a damn about how any white person feels about this topic. Slavery has done major damage to the black race.

    These are the reasons why:

    1. Our ancestors built this country against their will. They were compensated with rape, torture, and lynchings for 400 years.
    2. Our ancestors never had anything of value to pass down to generations to keep their memories alive.
    3. Slaves were not considered humans so we have no true documented history of where we are from, who we are related to or anything pertaining to our ancestral history..
    4. There's a divide between light and dark skin blacks because back in then whites had house and field slaves. This has caused a major division within our culture til this day.
    5. I promise you that if you believe black Americans of today don't deserve reparations because they never had to participate in Slavery then your probably one of two things: jealous because there is no reparation for being white or you probably think slavery wasn't that bad. Well it was bad and we don't really care if you agree with reparations or not. The only reason why white people feel entitled to speak on reparations is because you guys know your the reason why black people never had an equal chance.

  • America has nothing left to give except our Freedom to do as will.

    I am a descendant of a slave and I would like my reparations in the form of not money but a means of being self-sustainable. A farm with the amenities.

    The reason the U.S. is avoiding reparations is:

    1. Because it will be an admittance of its wrong towards slaves.
    2. The fact the U.S. never kept record of the slaves it bought is a hint of its history: A. The U.S. was never a government, the estates of slave owner's is what made the U.S. a government.
    B. We must stop calling slaves slaves, these people were kidnapped from Africa, which is further proof why there are such poor records from the U.S. government.
    3. The U.S. believes it was built on christian philosophy and that slavery is condoned, if they grant reparations, they will also be shedding this ideology and also their slave economy, because if they let people of color free, who are they left to make a living off of.

  • Of Course We Should

    We paid for reparations for Native Americans and Japanese so why not pay for the other deserving victims of American history. It just makes sense. The population of African Americans has been effected greatly by slavery itself and by the hardships after slavery ended leaving the descendants at an unfair disadvantage compared the average white American.

  • This country would not be what it is today if it weren't for slaves.

    Slaves performed all of the duties their owners were to lazy to do. Most of the owners benefited from the work of the slaves, and if it wasn't for the slaves the masters would not be as prosperous as they were. Some descendants of the masters still benefit from the profits til this day. They were provided with an head start that descendants of slaves did not. Descendants of slaves had to start from scratch since there was nothing to pass down to future generations. I strongly believe that there were many whites that hated slavery and worked like hell to get it abolished. They even assisted slaves to attain freedom. I don't believe the money should come from tax payers because it wouldn't be fair. The money should come strictly from the U. S without affecting tax payers. I just don't believe its fair for the African Americans whom are descendants from slaves. Who's ancestors picked more cotton, got raped,abused, and even sold from their families! To this day it's hard to tell who's a cousin or distant relative. America has benefited more off of free labor than any other country. It's weird to me now that they wanna call blacks lazy when they come from generations and generations of lazy people who didn't want to labor for themselves! White people and blacks who sold their own people and assisted the whites are disgusting. Im half white and I get ashamed of it.

  • Slavery may have ended, but racism did not.

    Even if its been awhile since slavery so called, "ended" those affected by it are financially behind causing many of our race to be on welfare. We payed for the Natives and Japanese, why not pay for African Americans? It only makes sense. Only reason people are against this is because they don't want us to catch up. They only want to dominate the economy.

  • All arguments against reparations are shaky at because it has been done already and still being done for other groups.

    I did not ever believe it, but I think America is bias against blacks. Indian descendants still received reparations and apologizes, The Japanese descendants received reparations and apologizes; but the blacks did not receive a damn thing. Well fair and affirmative action are not proper compensation systems for 500 years of chattel slavery; All people use well fair and affirmative action, however wrong it may be. It is only right that we be compensated because we lost our culture( so what if it was primitive it was ours), our language and religion. The Indians and the Japanese still have all these things. I hate how white people try to use that African sold ourselves into slavery. This is a fact. But, Who are the ones that purchased us? Treated us like cattle? I used to think black cry about that to much, but now I see why we need.

  • Who are we? Do you know? White America does!

    I don't know my great grandmother was stolen and has no birth certificate. My father doesn't have a birth certificate. I feel like many families were ripped apart and we don't really know what or who we are because of this tragedy in history, because of the target of color. Yes there was slavery but in other cases it was because money was owed and needed to be paid off but in this case we owed no one and were just good work animals. Sorry new generations but your great great grandfather used my people to provide you the luxuries you have today and someone must pay.
    They would get the money from historical plantations turned into museums, slave states, and businesses that made their millions and billions on the backs of slaves enough money for all their families not to have to work for generations some still to this day. Slavery also spilled out into the generations after and still to this day through habits which were necessity back then, like food. Slaves were given trash to eat and this caused high blood pressure and many life threatening medical problems. They passed down these bad habits and this "tradition" still carries on today and if you didn't know humans evolve and they start taking on these traits in genetics. So now you have generations passing on diabetes to children from habits and genetics from slavery. As far as blacks having slaves they will need to pay as well and that is no excuse I will go old school if your friends jumped off a cliff would you do the same? The people who get the money would have to prove their ancestry just like native Americans. So do you have a problem with the Germans, or Native Americans reparation settlement?

  • Society is progressive; therefore the detriment caused by the past must be overcome by boosting the present

    I would like to start by stating that I am a white man who supports reparations. I have no ulterior motive in supporting this idea. However, I believe that our entire society would benefit and I intend to show why. Throughout this argument I will use the word "we" to collectively refer to white people. I have investigated my ancestry and can find no evidence that we owned slaves, but I still feel a burden to take ownership for the failures of my race.

    First of all, much of our economy (current and past) was built upon the success of the cotton, tobacco and sugar industries in the late 18th and early 19th centuries as our nation was just beginning. Many slaves also fought in the American Revolution helping to procure freedom for our entire nation. As such, they played a large part in establishing the freedoms we all enjoy today.

    Second, slave owners were allowed to do whatever they wanted to their slaves including beating them (sometimes to death), raping them (including impregnating them), stealing their children from them to be sold as slaves and worse than anything else, dehumanizing them. As I stated in my headline, society is progressive. In many areas educating slaves was actually made illegal. We took any possibility of education away from them. If our parents were not educated then we would begin life with a severe disadvantage. We went a step further by continuing to deny educational opportunities once slavery had ended. In addition to this, we actually convinced many of them that they were, in fact, less human than we are. Many of them believed they were animals. Read Solomon Northup's "Twelve Years a Slave" (the book, NOT the movie).

    Finally, the money for paying reparations could easily come from Welfare, SSI, food stamps, Medicaid and other low income systems we currently have. There are many studies that show that these programs are overwhelmingly dominated by African American beneficiaries. If we moved that money into reparations it would not only provide the recompense deserved for the abuse of over a hundred of generations of African Americans, it would also remove the stigma attached to such funds, improve race relations and provide educational opportunities.

    In closing, I want to elaborate on how reparations improve race relations. By acknowledging the disadvantage created by slavery and the subsequent civil rights violations in the south as well as the significant factor that slavery played in bolstering the economic strength of a young nation, we not only take responsibility as a nation (not the white race) for allowing such a thing to exist, we also restore the dignity of that suffering to those who have descended from it and most certainly been impacted by it. Improving those relationships and removing the stigma from the money we are distributing would unite our nation, improve our economy (putting money into the hands of people who will spend it) and significantly improve the conditions for many of our poorest citizens.

  • Jews are human. Black people are not.

    Wow. White people have so much hate towards black americans. They don't have a problem with any other reparations given to jews or anyone else. Look at all the people who families WEREN'T EFFECTED by slavery try to tell the decedents who were that they deserve nothing. Its amazing. They want to keep us in ghettos. Black people have been fighting since day 1 and still have to prove themselves as human enough to deserve some equal footing on debate dot com. Just WOW! Welcome to America... Land of the free for whites.

  • The Black Americans have had plenty of time to create a comfortable life.

    There are many famous black Americans, for example, who would not need reparations; it would be unfair for a poorer white American to have to pay a rich black American, just because their late ancestors were slave owners. Some white Americans moved to America way after the slave trade, so their white ancestors weren't involved in the slave trade at all, and yet they still have to pay reparations. It just doesn't seem fair.

  • This is the 21st century

    There are no living persons in the US who has been enslaved, and there are no living persons in the US that has enslaved another.
    In this particular context, there is no fairness in reparations.
    It is just taking money from someone who has never owned a slave and giving it to someone who has never been enslaved.
    What is the point? Other than the redistribution of wealth.

  • This is Stupid

    Racism is basically dead. Racism is when you actively promote hate towards another group. I can honestly say that I have met like, one person who was a modern day racist and he is most likely in jail. We should not give blacks money for their ancestor's suffering; same with Native Americans. I think that if this is honestly an issue, how about they can choose between staying here and having a free life that they work for just like whites and the other minorities, or they can go back to Africa, since they were brought here against their will, and Africa is so much better......

  • Because every race was a slave at one point.

    If you look at any race there is a huge chance that at some point that race was a slave under some owner. Slavery is not new. So just because you're African American doesn't give you anymore rights than whites. Go out and get a job if you want money and stop leaching off the government.

  • Why should anybody have to pay descendants of slaves? None of you have directly benefited from it, nor have you suffered directly.

    Why should anybody have to pay the descendants of slaves monies or materialistic objects for what happened quite a considerable time ago? It is ludicrous to expect the slave owner's descendants to pay the descendants of slaves. Did I directly enslave YOU? No, I didn't. Personally I have never owned slaves and I do not think that White people should be made to feel guilty because we don't want to pay some money grabbing fools who act like they deserve something that they haven't worked for. Pathetic people ask for reparations, pathetic people give reparations. I'm not even American, but when I see how people are being somewhat forced to pay reparations for something they haven't personally done, it angers and sickens me.

  • Should the grand-children of a murderer be sent to prison because he wasn't convicted while he was alive?

    This is a really simple concept. Don't punish people for something that they didn't do. Don't punish the children, grand-children, great-grand-children, and so on, for crimes they didn't commit.

    Should the government spend money to equalize any socio-economic troubles affecting the descendents of slaves? Sure! But because they are having trouble *now* and it is the responsibility of a society to look after its people *now*. Human history is far too long and bloody and cruel to try to redress every harm caused by one group of people to another, long after everyone involved is dead.

  • Not only no but hell no!!!

    We payed in blood giving them freedom from slavery and there are none today that have been slaves or even know of anyone that was a slave. Let them get their money from their "brothers' in Africa that took them from their homes and sold them. They have every opportunity if not more than others to have prosperity but choose not to take advantage. My family never owned a slave and I will not give anyone any money.

  • Keep in mind who made this nation. And gave you freedom

    African Americans have been getting reparations for years now in the form of welfare checks and foodstamps. While slavery was unfair to their people it is just a part of history and it wasn't all white people. Keep in mind there were African chiefs who captured and sold their own people to the spanish just for guns. Aren't they just as much to blame as the white people? Keep in mind who has given you your rights to. White people fought a whole war to end slavery and passed laws that gave you your rights. We founded this nation and made every political and scientific breakthrough in the history of this country. If anything we need reparations for all of the lives that were lost fighting for your ancestors. We need reparations for everything we have done for you including taking you away from the diseased filled poor continent of Africa. This whole debate is bigoted and it clearly shows African Americans would rather live in the past then make something of their selves in the present. If you would take the gifts white people gave you and use them then you wouldnt need reparations.

  • No. Slaves have had over a hundred years to catch up

    Hundreds of thousands of people have already died for them to be free in the civil war, and they have had over a hundred years to catch up. What more do they want? If the goverment paid them they would have to get the money from the tax payers who never even owned any slaves. If they did try to get the money from plantation museums, they would have to get the money to restore them from some where

  • I want reparations from anyone who has ever wronged me.

    Since that's not going to happen, I just keep moving forward. There is no other choice. History is full of brutality, but seems people keep trying to make society collectively better, even though there are so many violent idiot crazies out there. Now...Would reparations end the crime in America's cities? If not then forget it.

  • Reparations today would be in fact, Racist.

    The first thing that needs to be said is that slavery was a horrible thing and that this country took part in it and that is tragic, and apologies should and have been made. That being said, having the government pay the descendants of slaves reparations is flat out wrong. The biggest issue with this is where the money would be coming from, taxes. The government would have to use tax dollars to pay reparation to African Americans meaning that people that have never owned a slave, or even never had slave owning ancestors would have to foot the bill. Most Americans today are the children of immigrants that came to this county AFTER the civil war, they had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. This includes most white people, who even if they did have American ancestors from the time period, chances are, they did not own slaves. Only 1 in 5 Americans was able to own a slave in the days of slavery and lets not forget that hundreds of thousands of white Americans died during the Civil War to liberate slaves, how bad would it be if their ancestors were forced to pay reparations? Add to that fact that there were black slave owners... Do their ancestors have to pay or do they get money for being black? There is just no way to pay reparations without victimizing way too many people.

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