Should the U.S. Postal Service stop Saturday mail delivery?

  • Let us choose

    Different people have different needs. Personally I would love to opt out completely like that Seinfeld episode in the 90s! My dream would be mail once a week. In my neighborhood, trash and recycle day is Thursday. If mail day was Wednesday, I could come home from work Wednesday, pick up my pile of junk advertisements, drop it all in my recycle bin without even looking at it, and haul it out to be collected Thursday morning. Or better yet, save all the paper, ink, gas, pollution, and money and let me opt out. I only receive junk. All my pay checks, bills, taxes, absolutely everything I do is automatic, electronic, and online. I suspect some people half my age have never addressed an envelope or bought a stamp.

  • Waste of Money

    6 days of mail is stupid, they only pick up my trash once a week, I can live with mail once a week, I would prefer it, getting it everyday is a nuisance. Please stop daily mail service, we would have millions of dollars, and what about the expense of wasting gas! We would save thousands of gallons of gasoline.

  • Saturday Mail Deliveries

    Mail deliveries are an important part of our society today despite the extensive use of electronics. People, especially those of older age rely on mail deliveries on time and ready to read,but lets say someone has a bill due and the mail deliverer put the bill in the wrong mailbox on a Friday. If that bill is due on Saturday the person who finally gets the bill in their mailbox will not be too happy about having to pay an additional late fee.

  • Yeah Feds

    Yes, the US Postal Service is deeply in debt. They lost $15 billion last year, and since the federal government runs it that increase our national debt. I suppose people can do a little waiting, I mean are people really that anxious to get mail or bills? Or maybe private companies can run the post office to create competition and boost the economy.

  • Yes, but only for non-packages.

    The U.S Postal Service will likely cease to exist if they do not find some way to save money to circumvent the government's horrible cuts. To do this, the USPS should halt all normal mail deliveries except to PO Boxes. USPS could still remain open on Saturdays and still allow you to pick up your mail, but delivery should be halted to save money. The only exception I believe should be for packages. If the USPS halts package deliveries, then they would lose major ground against their competitors of UPS and FedEx who deliver on Saturday.

  • Yes the U.S. Postal Service should stop Saturday mail delivery

    Yes, the U.S. Postal Service should stop Saturday mail delivery. I'm of the opinion that no one really needs mail to be delivered on Saturday.
    Most post offices are closed on Saturday anyway, so any mail received on the weekend is just piled up and sorted on Monday anyway. I think the cost of delivering mail on Saturdays far outweighs the benefit.

  • US Postal Service Losing Money? Why?

    The Postal Service hasn't needed General Fund government support since the early '70's. It is losing big money because of a politically motivated Congressional requirement passed and signed during Bush II that requires the Service to prefund its retirement obligations upfront for 75 years. This killer requirement has not been legislated for private companies (that have historically failed to fund retirement obligations or gone bankrupt and deserted their retirees) or other government (or quasi-government) agencies. Otherwise the service would not have a huge deficit. Also, while making the Service "self-sufficient", Congress has refused to allow the Service flexibility to compete in other service areas (the private sector competition has no prohibitions on doing so), guaranteeing long-term fiscal instability. In short, there is what amounts to a political conspiracy to destroy the Service. This can only benefit lawmakers' big contributors like Fedex and UPS.

  • No, they should stop Tuesday delivery.

    Tuesday is typically the slowest mail day, so it makes more sense to eliminate Tuesday mail delivery, rather than Saturday. Eliminating Saturday delivery will only make Monday's delivery that much more difficult for carriers, as they will now have three days worth of mail to deliver on Monday. If they cut Tuesday, it will not create as much of a bottleneck.

  • No, the postal service should not discontinue Saturday mail service.

    My mother works for the post office and she could lose her job due to the post office not working on Saturdays anymore. The pay checks will be less, lots of people will lose their jobs, retirement will be later for even people that are close to their retirement, and people won't get their bills or medications on time.

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