Should the U.S. President be elected by the direct vote of the people?

  • The Electoral College is a Joke

    The EC was a great system before all of the information about Presidential candidates running in these elections were right @ our finger tips. It's out dated, broken, and it needs to be fixed. There has to be some sort of compromise. EXAMPLE: If direct popular vote was the only tool used in electing a president, (say a black man was running for the oval office); a very minute percent of the black population in this country will do the right thing, educate themselves on the candidates, and vote accordingly. The rest of the black population is going to vote for a black candidate on election day, just so they can have a 'brutha' in the White House. This scenario is not intended as a racist one, so please do not take it as such. I am sort of on the fence regarding this issue whilst leaning towards yes. I do agree that people are soooo so uneducated in this country, and as such need some sort of oversight; but taking the power from the voters and replacing it with overly wealthy individuals who do the bidding of multi-million dollar corporations and individuals with great money, power, and influence is just not right. On another note, to all of you folks reading this...If you are fed up with the crumby choices between the extreme right and left winged candidates, go vote @ the primaries! No one but the elitists and extremists ever vote during these primaries, which leaves us with a terrible choice of candidates that we want sitting in 'OUR' White House' helping to run 'OUR' country. Please don't forget that your govt. Serves & protects YOU! Not the other way around.



  • Why waste your time?

    People are wasting their time voting for someone, when they really don't even have a say in it. The electoral college makes the decision. The electoral college basically takes our rights. We vote, but it doesn't matter anyway. We should either vote and decide or not vote at all. The Electoral College is stupid.

  • It's Just Fairer

    Look to 2000, Al Gore wins 500 000 more votes than Bush, yet thanks to the the EC system, Bush ended up in power with 5 more ECVs than Gore, and one over the 270 requirement. That's the fundamental flaw with the Electoral College, the least popular candidate may end up President.

    It's such a simple equation- the Candidate with the most votes is the most popular, and they should end up in the White House. Simple.

  • Why vote?

    Electoral College has removed incentive to go out and vote. If our votes don't actually count, then why should we bother? This could easily lead to the election of the President being decided by a handful of the population here.That is very unfair. I believe my vote counts just the same as everyone else's.

  • Make our vote count for real

    The majority vote should be the way by the people, no one else. I don't care if the large states would decide the election, just make it real. "By the people" -- majority should always rule!. The electoral college is a poor system. I never have liked it. The people's right is to determine who is president and that is by a majority vote.

  • The Electoral College Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

    Originally, the electoral college was meant to keep uninformed masses from making bad decisions. Now, the general population has information galore available at their fingertips. Therefore, the original purpose of the electoral college is no longer relevant. ANd the electoral college doesn't recognise the territories, so the 4.4 million people living there, don't get a vote. Also the electoral college can be very unfair when compared to the actual popular results. For example, Bush won in 2000 with a majority of the electoral college, but not a majority of the popular vote. It's also theoretically possible to win the necessary 270 electoral college votes with only 22% of the popular vote. How's that for fair?

  • Electoral College is a Relic

    The electoral college is an outdated and inefficient system of choosing a president. The populace should choose the President directly, with each vote counting regardless of the voter's state. Swing states would be less important to elections, and all voters would have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

  • It's Wasted Time

    People go to vote on voting day for the popular vote and waste their time.They shouldn't vote twice once for their representatives and once for the president. They should either get rid of the Electoral college or get rid of voting days. Also they should give me all the "I Voted" Stickers.

  • We the people ..... Just saying

    It says we the people but it is not really in this case the people it is special group and they are only a little portion i mean equal rights here.... Don't think it is fair for so many people to vote but there vote doesn't even matter!!!! We the people not we the house....

  • Ow.

    The people are stupid. I don't trust the people. The majority should definitely not rule. The electoral college is a good system in that it removes some of the power from the people, but it doesn't remove enough. However, in answer to the actual question, absolutely not the president should never be elected by the people.

  • Rural areas would suffer

    I support what Maine and Nebraska have done with splitting their electorate to region, rather than by state. But, saying that, every geographic region of the country is different, and has different concerns. While the more populated areas should have much more say, getting rid of the electoral college would mean rural states like the Great Plains, and small states like Rhode Island would not be represented. All ad money would go to Chicago, New York, and LA. The cities with over a million people make up a huge chunk of the population. The electoral college needs reform, sure, but that does not mean we should go to a popular vote.

  • Electoral College Works

    The electoral college is very important in the election of the president. Without it, the largest states (in terms of population) would easily control who gets into the White House. The EC gives the smaller seats a proper say into who enters the oval office. The numbers are there for a reason, and direct elections would be incredibly unfair.

  • He is black

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  • Most people are dumb.

    If the president was elected by the direct vote of the people, celebrities would become president all the time. Or 18 year old woman would vote for the hottest guy running for president, or vice versa. If a white man runs for president, everyone who is white would vote for him (mostly). That goes for every other race as well. Some people are just stupid or would feel rushed to get their vote in and not even do any research.

  • Keep the Electoral College

    The Founders gave us a republic not a democrary. If we abolish the Electoral College, the vote of those in states with small populations would be null and void, The citiizens and illegal aliens of NYC, Chicago and LA would prevail. And these folks vote, with some exceptions, for more government and more taxes.

  • It's just not a good idea

    People who vote might not know what they might be getting into. If every president was elected by popular vote the U.S.A could've been completely different, like there could've already been a WWIII but since we never used popular vote we're still here today living and breathing all because of the Electoral College.

  • It needs to be kept

    The electoral college is very important in the election of the president. Without it, the largest states (in terms of population) would easily control who gets into the White House. The EC gives the smaller seats a proper say into who enters the oval office. The numbers are there for a reason, and direct elections would be incredibly unfair.

  • Dissolves States' Rights

    Federalism is based upon states having power as well as the national government. Getting rid of the Electoral College would take the power away from the states to elect the president. As a federalist country our president should be elected in a federalist way and the Electoral College does that. Also, with a popular vote the people who live in the big cities would dominate and the citizens of rural areas would never have their voices heard. Another problem with the popular would be whether or not a majority is needed. In the Electoral College a candidate must get greater than 50% of the vote, would the same be true for the national popular vote. Here in Maine, we just approved rank choice voting because we are tired of the governor winning an election without getting more than 50% of the vote, so, at least in Maine, that should hold true for the Presidential vote. Which would mean that either we would have to have run-offs or the election would go to the House of Representatives more often. Going back in US history only two election have been decided by the House. If a candidate needed over 50% of the popular vote then going back to 1824, 18 elections would have been decided by the House. I am not okay with the House decided the president about one in every three elections.

    I wish all states were like Maine and Nebraska and broke up the electoral college by congressional district. This would allow each district to have it's voices heard, as well as each state since the remaining two votes go to whomever won the state popular vote and would make candidates focus more on the whole country instead of swing states.

  • A Better Idea

    Populated states would get even more of the vote, but splitting the electoral votes would prevent the swing-states from getting all the attention. Every state would be as important as the other. It would also help mix the country back together instead of having a two parties dividing the country between red and blue. We have been divided from the beginning and the Civil War happened less then 100 years after founding. The nation is divided not just the House.

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