• Yes, water is a diminishing commodity

    Water may not be a commodity now, but somewhere in the feature it probably will be. The USA should protect all of its assets to put its citizens in the best position possible. Having water reserves could be useful in times of crisis, because water is the fruit of life and our survival is dependent on it.

  • Yes - let's keep our water ours!

    I think that privatizing our water is a good idea. Our country needs to start focusing on the things inside our borders, rather than keep getting involved with things outside them. Keeping our water under better control would be a good step towards maximizing the resources already available to us.

  • Privatization of water turns what is our natural right into a commodity.

    If massive water bottle companies gain rights to water privatization, they in turn have our life in their hands with nothing but profitable interests in mind. Once the world runs out up water demand will shoot up and companies will look for the highest bidder, not for common good of people.

  • Water is a public good

    Privatizing the water supply basically means putting it in control of corporations whose main interest is making a profit. I believe this is the wrong approach; everyone should have access to water, not just those who can afford to pay whatever the corporation that controls the water decides to charge. Given the way most communities' water supply works, the company will have a monopoly, and that is never good for fair pricing.

  • No the U.S. should not privatize its water supply

    Water, like food and air, are innate human rights that everyone should be allowed access to, no matter what country you may come from. We all need it to live and survive in the world without exception. To privatize it would be to totally go against that idea. I don't think we or any other country have the right to privatize something that everyone needs. So no, I don't think the U.S. should privatize its' water supply, it is inhuman to me.

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