• Yes, the system will run more efficiently.

    If the United States government outsourced the prison system to the private sector, it will save the government hundreds of millions over the years and will guarantee an efficiency of the prison system. If the prison system was left up to the free market, it would result in private companies offering to take up prisioners at the lowest price while providing the highest care and rehabilitation services possible. If a prison does a poor job, the government simply will not work with them again. However, if the prison does a good job, they keep their incentive to continue doing well so that the government will be willing to continue working with them.

  • Interesting this topic should come up,

    I feel as if we should privatize defense while were at it. Oh, better yet, lets privatize the Treasury department, and the Executive branch. Since, these departments feel they can give our tax money to failing institution in the name of the people. I guess we should privatize all of government. At leaset we could get something done.

    The jails system should fall underneath government rule as criminals owe a debit to society and not private companies.

  • Corruption

    It seems like nowadays privatization breeds corruption. The prison system is already corrupt, and putting them in the hands of private corporations seems like it's basically handing over a body of slave labor to a company, which will almost certainly be abused. That's not to say abuses don't happen within the government-run system, too, but oversight is easier.

  • No

    That would put them in a place that corruption could happen way to easily. They are already corrupt but if they were in private hands it would be way worse. The drug dealers and bad guys with money would be able to get any thing done that they wanted to pay for.

  • Ease Marijuana Laws Instead

    Easing the burden on the legal system is an easier way to solve jail overcrowding. Easing marijuana laws is a good start. Privatizing jails can lead to abuse of prisoners behind closed doors without strict regulations and oversight by the government. Either way, taxpayers either have to pay for the jails or pay for the oversight. Either proposition is expensive.

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