• Identify foreign needs.

    The United States should proceed with caution in foreign affairs. This is because most countries do not have the same ideas in policy and diplomacy that we do. If we don't want war to ensue with a lot of destruction we need to try to understand what other countries are up to and want out of their relations with us.

  • Watch what your doing

    Yes, I do think that the US should proceed with caution when they are dealing with things that are happening in other countries. If you are not careful when you deal with another country, you will do something to make them mad, and it can have a big effect on trade.

  • Caution got us UBL and Guddafi.

    In recent history the US has begun thinking about its impact on the world before acting. This is a good thing. Consider the fact that the Iraq war was begun on a whim, opposed in the UN, and had no real end to it. This was the US acting without caution. The result has been billions of dollars wasted to save some money on oil. The US probably spent more money on fuel in that war than they saved on future access.

  • The USA must tread lightly.

    The USA should tread lightly in foreign affairs from this point forward. Not because we don't have the strength to muscle people around, but because it's time for us as world leaders to be a bit more gentle and less policeman like. I would love for my country to be celebrated, instead of ridiculed and scorned.

  • Yes, we need to keep the peace.

    The US should be careful when working with other countries. We've been in a lot of wars and spent a lot of money on the military in recent years. We should take care to avoid any conflicts and treat all international affairs with care. I don't want to see any more wars or conflicts arise.

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