Should the U.S. promote a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

  • Yes, this has been going on for years and they will never agree to share.

    For years and years, Israel and Palestine have been in conflict. Time and time again, they have shown that they will never live together peacefully and without conflict. The only solution at this point would be to come up with a two state resolution that they both must abide by. The United States should help, because they have not been able to come up with a resolution on their own.

  • Should but won't

    There are Palestinians paying for history they had nothing to do with, they deserve to be recognized as their own state. It'll likely never happen without the backing of the United States which currently plays the role of unconditional apologist for Israel, so while it's the best solution it is not one anything indicates is coming.

  • You cannot show support for Hamas

    I am not against Israel or Palestine, for starters, but i am against the terrorist organization called Hamas. If the U.S were to back a two state system right now to try and resolve the conflict, the message they are sending is that you can use terrorism to conquer land, which is a message far lost since the revolutionary war.

  • No, the best bet is forcing them to share the country.

    Two states will probably just end up at war with each other. Instead, the country can have shared governance with protections for the minority in given ares. Bosnia has a power sharing agreement that, while imperfect, has allowed for stability, and Israel and Palestine could create something similar using Bosnia as a model. Force people to work it out through compromise.

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