• They are people

    How can you see somebody suffer and not offer them help? What if that was us in their situation? Wouldn't you want them to come to our rescue? I don't see how people can deny others in need of aid. Shouldn't that be against human rights? If America has an abundance of money, the least they can do is help out a bit once in a while. It's not the foreign countries' fault that they're in such a debt due to other reasons. They should give foreign aid, mostly for humanitarian causes. I also think that it is reasonable for this aid to have limits and conditions.

  • Yes, but no, but more to the PRO

    The "rich world", made up of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia which had just one fifth of the world's population but were holding onto 82% of the wealth, and the "poor world", made up of everyone else. But with the rise of the Asian economy, some of Earth's previously poor places -such as China India, Brazil, and much of Southeast Asia- are rapidly catching up, gaining more and more wealth as their economies continue to grow at a rapid speed. Yet while this miracle continues pulling enormous amounts of people out of poverty, a large portion of Earth's population remains stuck in the ‘Poverty Trap’, growing only very gradually (and in some places even getting poorer!). Their heavy disease burden, overpopulation, or bad governance prevent them from getting the boost in wealth needed to move to the second stage of development, and so they continue dying in enormous numbers from preventable disease and severe malnutrition. If no serious action is taken to help these impoverished societies, then by 2050 the world can be thought of as divided into two different groups. On one side will be Earth's wealthy nations, including those in Europe, North America, Asia and much of South America, who represent four fifths of Earth's population and live very comfortable lives. On the other side of the divide will be the "Bottom Billion" countries, located mostly in Africa and some parts of Central America, who have barely gotten any wealthier since the turn of the century. Are there any things which we can do to help these poorest billion people escape from their poverty traps? Today I believe that there is; a combination of foreign policy reforms from rich world nations can indeed play an integral role in helping Earth's extremely poor societies gain the boost in wealth needed to enter the second stage of development. Foreign aid certainly has many problems associated with it; much of it is wasted by corrupt government officials in impoverished nations, and aid may contribute to "Dutch Disease" and undermine foreign direct investment. But aid has successfully eradicated many serious illnesses in developing countries, including polio and small pox, and has played a critical role in the takeoff of several successful economies, including South Korea, Taiwan, and India. Although market reforms obviously play a crucial role in helping to bring wealth to impoverished nations, vast regions of the world are still extremely poor not due to terrible governance but rather because they are stuck in various Poverty Traps which prevent them from generating enough wealth to enter the Cycle of Prosperity. Foreign aid is therefore not a "Band-Aid Solution" or a form of welfare which is wasted on those unable to take care of themselves; rather, aid is a form of economic stimulus which allows a nation to begin ascent up the Ladder of Development. International aid is one means by which rich nations such as Canada can help Earth's extremely impoverished societies.

  • Yes, The US Should Provide Foreign Aid

    I believe the US not only should, but in cases, has the right and obligation to provide foreign aid. However, there needs to be limits set. Despite many current individuals' opinions, our country was built on Christian morals and ethics, and taking care of others is a long-standing tradition of that belief. It can not be ignored, however, that our country can not provide foreign aid to the detriment and exclusion of our own.

  • With limits

    Of course, the United States should provide countries that are struggling to feed its citizens or suffered a natural disaster or are recovering from war. The U.S. is the wealthiest country in the world and as such has a duty to rescue countries in need. DO I think the U.S. should maintain the level of teh current funding? No, it should be lowered somewhat, but not drastically. the US foreign aid should also come as helping to rebuild infrastructure, educating students, and preventing outbreaks of disease that could spread.

  • Yes, the U.S. should supply foreign aid.

    Yes, I believe that the U.S. should supply foreign aid to countries that need it. There are times when countries are so war-torn and ravaged because of the evils of war, and other times when they are suffering from huge natural disasters. During these trying times, the U.S. almost always has helped give foreign aid to these countries in order to help them in their time of need, and this is one policy that should not change. The only times when foreign aid should be withheld is when supplying dictators and totalitarian leaders with any kind of aid, for they will do nothing bu just further abuse their power.

  • We Should Somewhat

    We should supply aid to those who truly need it AND adopt principles towards its citizens that we support. We should not be rewarding countries that have horrible rights for women or other oppressed groups. We should supply them aide on the basis that they use it in a way that will put them in the position to support themselves. Giving aid where all the cash goes to perishable food is not smart. Giving aid where some goes to food they can eat now and a portion goes to foods they plant for later is much smarter.

  • Yes, the U.S. Should Provide Foreign Aid

    The United States should provide foreign aid whenever we can do so without hurting ourselves or depleting our own resources. Providing foreign aid is a form of reaching out to others who may be in need, and it is the humane thing to do. Also, helping others produces a reciprocal environment, perhaps one day a country we have helped might be able to help us when we are in need.

  • The real question is not if we should provide foreign aid but what aid should we provide.

    In order to promote the welfare of Human Rights and address the problems associated with non-Democratic and Religious based Countries we should not provide aid in any form which could be utilised against the establishment of personal freedoms or the rights of persons to pursue a Democratic style of government (which is what we have been trying to do for Decades without success). We should be limiting our Foreign Aid to four main types with no strings attached or religious affiliation:
    1. Medical: In-Country care, training of medical personnel, education of native personnel to work in-country and building of facilities (clinics and hospitals).
    2. Education (in English): Supply Teachers, facilities, scholarships (corporate and individual).
    3. Entertainment (in English): Radio, Movies and Television (free of charge)
    4. Emergency Relief (limited): Medical, food, shelter and skilled recovery teams (all working with native trainees up to 60 days).

    Offer all countries the same support until they have an established level of care and/or a population that is seen as being able to stand on their own. Liberty and personnel freedom is not a right it must be wanted and won but Americans should not be the ones fighting for others wants. We do have the responsibility of assuming a guiding hand but that hand must not be a threat but a promise of better ways and a better life (with no strings attached).

  • Only for Humanitarian Reasons

    The United States should provide foreign aid only for instances of humanitarian aid. If there are floods, famines, earthquakes and natural disasters, then by all means there should be mechanisms for helping people in crisis. Military aid should be completely cut off from the rest of the world. The United States has enough of its own citizens who need aid--we shouldn't be supplying foreign military aid when our own people are hungry and homeless.

  • They are just one of us

    They may look different speak different or maybe they are just different . Ok people are different and so is everybody else in the world. Sure people mess up. Sure they do stupid things. That's what humans are meant to do. That doesn't mean we have to go to one side or the other.

  • Charity begins at HOME

    We have so many homeless people and cities that needs infrastructure...We are starting to look like a third world country...We give away so much money that we could be using to take care of our own US population...Enough!
    The best is that other countries don't give us anything in light of a national disaster such as SANDY in Sept.2012....Where was all the foreign aid then?
    It really upset me! CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME...We need to get our own home in order and then we can REACH out to others...Anything short of this is hypocritical and insane...It is dysfunctional!

  • No just no

    The reason why is because we have children and elderly going to sleep hungry and we are 17 TRILLION DOLLARS IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!! AND WE ARE GIVING IT TO THE PEOPLE THAT HATE US!!! For example, we are giving aid to Korea and they don't even like us so why are we giving them aid.

  • We shouldn't provide foreign aid!

    No, we shouldn't provide foreign aid because its just a waste of money! The United States has over 120,000 adorable children who don’t have a home because they are pushed aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans! I think we should help the kids in our own country before we help the ones in others. Some kids are going to bed hungry every night. But, in other countries that we give aid to, ships and planes are lined up with food and water. Think about if the government gave the United States the same aid they did to other countries. Children would certainly be less of a problem.

    The United State’s foreign aid hasn’t just made the kids needy but the elderly too. We have too many retired citizens living on fixed income, receiving no aid. They also get no breaks while the government gives hundreds of millions of dollars and tons of food to other countries with a rating higher than BB. According to AARP.Org ‘Adults ages 50 to 64 face rising out-of-pocket health care costs and declining access to health insurance, according to the AARP Public Policy Institute’ Furthermore, many elderly Americans continue to struggle to pay living expenses on low or modest incomes. Forty one percent of the nations 31 million elderly people have incomes below the Federal poverty level according to U.S. Bureau of the Census. There are 9.2 million veterans age 65 and up in this country. In my opinion, our biggest debt is to the people who have fought for our country.

    Why should we give money to countries who don’t ever pay us back? Currently our country is in debt by more than 16 trillion dollars and growing 3 billion dollars a day according to the National Debt Clock. Last year we spent nearly over 50 billion dollars in foreign aid. With our national debt at such a staggering number, we can’t afford at a nation to fund countries with a credit rating of BB.

  • We are broke

    None of these developing countries that we are feeding and clothing are DEVELOPING. But yet here we are broke and hungry too and for what? Nothing. Hey if people have natural disasters, sure lets help them. But for now lets use our money for us. We really need to cut back for a least awhile in giving foreign aid to other countries. We are in a really bad situation and no one ever helps us. Don't make this into a humanitarian thing. Why cant these other countries finally get off the ground with all the money we have given to them???

  • No, it's ridiculous.

    Honestly, as a hated nation just let it be. Focus the billions of dollars in aid to allies, not North Korea, not Iran, Our aid helps bad government survive and creates countries that are dependent on aid. Why give to our enemies? Let them collapse. Then rush in. Why keep supplying countries with aid that can be sold at a lower price than any people can produce locally. Stop the madness.

  • No

    The United States should not do as much as they do as far as providing foreign aid, and they shouldn't do it at all in reality, but unfortunately we are indebted to so many countries that we can't stop now. Unfortunately, the people of the United States' needs are being ignored. People here are now starving slowly as much as the people in third world countries. If the US keeps providing foreign aid, we may soon become one of them as well. It's not our job to bail everyone else out.

  • Their problems are none of our concern right now.

    The US used to be a great nation where it minded its own business. Now it gives aid to all of these so called allied countries so that they stay allies. It's an insult for the US to pay people to be it's friends. Especially, the money it give for humanitarian reasons. Natural disasters happen in North America too, and you don't see these countries giving the US aid. The US need help within its borders first and foremost. If another nations government can't support its own people, that's unfortunate and they're going to have to solve the situation on their own. What is the US, their parents? These countries are all grown up. They have to provide for themselves. At times when help is actually needed of course the US will come to assist. However, in the United States' economy's current state we are in no postition to even think about doing so. A lot of other countries are in the same position as well so we are all going to have to wait before foreign aid should be given out in the near future.

  • No way thats crazy

    Everyone here is hurting so bad and we give the muslims billions to arm themselves while there is so much that needs to be done in our own country. Fix our nations unemployment, homelessness, and welfare problems and create jobs to fix our infrastructure putting these people to work. Stop borrowing money to help others that we dont even have

  • Homeless Vets, We Have Our Own Problems

    According to, 23% of our homeless population is made of veterans. People who leave their families and risk their lives for us, we are repaying by throwing them out on the streets. The U.S. is over 18 trillion dollars in debt. Every year the U.S. spends $37 billion on financial aid, according to It sounds like we have enough problems and we don't need to add that. Unless it is an extraordinary situation, we need to worry about saving ourselves.

  • Fix our selves first

    I believe that before the U.S starts pouring billions of dollars of foreign aid to other countries, we should first feed the hungry in our homeland. How can we worry about others when we aren't even helping ourselves the government should put some of that money into the economy. Countries are failing to provide the essential neccesities to their citizens should find a way to pick themselves up and
    fix what mess they have done. If the united states did not recieve aid during the great depression which was our darkest finacial and moral era. Why should we help others

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