Should the U.S. provide foreign humanitarian aid?

  • Yes, with conditions.

    Yes, the United States should provide foreign humanitarian aid, because it is a good way to influence the nations in order to make progress. It is helpful to provide aid, because it is a nice thing to do that helps a lot of people that are suffering in those countries. Also, the United States can make the aid conditional on the countries making themselves better for freedom.

  • No it should not

    I think that the US needs to stop being a busy body and stop leaking our resources by trying to play the role of a superhero to other countries and start focusing all of our provisions to our own people because we have to solve our problems before we can help others.

  • No, the U.S. should not provide foreign humanitarian aid.

    Until the United States has managed to aid all of the people who need it within its own borders, its money, supplies, and helping hands should not be sent out of the country. After all of the people who need help within the United States have received help, then it would make sense to help other nations. However, until that time, it does not make sense.

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