Should the U.S provide paid maternity leave?

Asked by: tajshar2k
  • To help the mother and child.

    I say yes, because it provides stability and support to growing families in this country. Some mothers may go for work sooner, because they need to keep working to sustain their family. This provides insufficient time for mother to bond with their child, and therefore can prove to have negative effects in the family.

  • That Would Be Ridiculous

    Giving women a paid maternity leave is nice if the company she works for is doing it. Not if the gov is. Its one step closer to socialism. As a woman, i would never have a child unless i had the TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY. Its not the govs job to help you out. Women are very capable of managing their saving and we dont need the govs help.

    Posted by: D.14
  • Assuming you mean the US government...

    No, I don't think our government should force taxpayers to pay for maternity leave. I do think employers should accommodate new mothers, but again I wouldn't support the government forcing private businesses to do so. I do agree that it's important for children to have time to bond, but a woman's decision to have a child should not affect everyone else.

  • The question does not explain much.

    Well the argument sounds good but it really needs to be more detailed. For one how many workers does the company have to have to be affected by the law. If a small business which is barely making money force to pay for days not worked they may not be able to afford it. Also it may tempt women to hide pregnancies from workers. If I'm a small business owner and see a baby bump I would be so worried about paying I would find a excuse to fire her before I hit that point of no return.

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