Should the U.S. provide post-traumatic stress disorder treatment to veterans?

  • Yes, psd is real and needs to be treated by the government.

    We send young men to war and into very horrible situations no one can be ready to deal with. They come back with what used to be called shell shock or something like that. If the government sends them, the government needs to be ready to provide medical and psychological treatment for the post traumatic stress that they suffer.

  • This is a no Brainier!

    We caused soldiers harm by sending them to many times into war. We should fix them PERIOD. We owe them this. And by not treating PTSD we are creating danger to themselves and other citizens. Suicides have risen among soldiers and veterans and can be tied to PTSD and the lack of pain treatment in the VAMC system. Our vets and soldiers deserve more then they're getting from us. We shouldn't need private organizations to provide for our soldiers/veterans.

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