Should the U.S. publish its list of Russian officials who face sanctions for alleged human rights abuses?

  • Yes, the U.S. should publish the list of Russian officials.

    I believe the list of Russian officials should be published in the U.S. Though there may be no great effect in the U.S. That comes from its publication, the people of the world have a right to know the names of elected officials, both in their home country and abroad, who have broken laws.

    Publication of the list may help Russia to acknowledge that there are some bad apples within the government, and that they should be punished accordingly.

  • I think so!

    I believe that the United States should publish the list of Russian officials who are being sanctioned due to human rights violations. Nobody deserves to be abused either physically, socially, and sexually. Everyone should be treated as humans instead of slaves. If the United States published the list, then maybe Russia and other countries would not be violating basic human rights!

  • Yes, the US should publish its list of Russian human rights violators.

    The US and Russia have had a tumultuous and tense past, however it is a moral obligation to highlight human rights violations in an attempt to exert pressure and instill change. If the US has such a list, we need to publish it so that the international community is made aware of such violations. Publicity and attention, especially in today's socially connected world, will force Russia to acknowledge these embarrassing human rights violations with the goal of publicly shaming them to change their behavior. The only downside I foresee is that publishing such a list could damage US-Russia relations, but not in such a dramatic way as to instigate any international crisis.

  • All countries should.

    Not only the U.S., but all countries should publish a list of not only Russian officials, but other countries' officials who face sanctions for alleged human rights abuses. Perhaps this is one way of helping to promote much needed change without going to war. One could argue that it's none of the world's business, except that the treatment of humans is the business of everyone on the planet.

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