• On the fence

    Nuclear power is something that is very complex to discuss. First you have to know how nuclear energy works. In the core of the reactor there lies one of two elements, Uranium-235 or Plutonium-238. They target one atom of this atom of this element and shoot a slow moving proton into it making it unstable, then because of the mass of the element it divides the atom (nuclear fission) releasing 2 alpha particles and one atom of Bromine and one atom of Krypton. The alpha particles continue to move and collide with other U235 or Pu238 atoms causing a chain reaction. The heat given off from this chain reaction boils water which creates steam which is then used to turn a large turbine to create the energy. The only problem with this is the elements we choose to use. Uranium and Plutonium are very rare in the earths crust, so using either of these elements is senseless. Plus both of these elements can easily be weaponized and used for a Nuclear Bomb.

    As an alternative however, there exists an element called Thorium. This element is roughly 4x more abundant in the earths crust than Uranium. Thorium is not easily weaponized because it is not fissile, it is fertile. Which simply means it is not fissionable through the same means as Uranium. A fertile element can be turned into a fissile element by neutron absorption or subsequent nuclei conversions. Yet another benefit of Thorium based nuclear power is the significantly less amount of radioactive waste that is produced as a byproduct of nuclear power.

    So, to conclude my argument I will say that yes, the U.S. should pursue nuclear energy but use the safer and more abundant alternative.

  • Highly efficient power source

    Many industrialized countries, such as France, already actively use nuclear power. 80% of France's power comes from nuclear energy, yet they have not had any major problems with that yet.

    Even though there are potential risks of using nuclear power, as technology improves, eventually there will be better ways to dispose of nuclear waste and to prevent disasters from happening.

  • Nuclear power is powerful

    The real question would be "why shouldn't we" well they tell us it will blow up and kill everyone, or at least that is the popular fear.

    Well it won't and it can't.

    The only realistic danger is radiation, radiation can be blocked. Isotopes can be isolated.

    What about japan huh?

    Build it on a deep lake then.

  • Nuclear power is death?

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