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  • Middle Class is barely alive now

    The middle class cannot take another hit. People who are living in middle class are having a hard time feeding their households, paying their bills and keeping their jobs. So many of the middle class has now become part of the poverty level. Raising taxes on the middle class may in fact extinct the middle class as we know. If the rich keep getting richer and we no longer have the middle class. . People cannot survive anymore taxes. The middle class will just no longer be available to anyone.

  • Middle class taxes should not be raised.

    The middle class is already struggling to keep their homes, feed their families and pay for their kids' education. Raising taxes on the middle class would lead to reduced spending, which would cripple the economy, leading to more unemployment, stock market losses and foreclosures. A strong middle class is crucial to the survival of this country.

  • No

    It would be critical in this economic situation the country is facing to possibly raise taxes to the middle class. Instead of new taxes the government should be worrying about their crazy overspending they are conducting. It is a foolish idea to try and build a strong economy using the hard earn money of the people. That just makes the government big and the people more miserable.

  • It should not

    If there's one thing both parties agree about, it's that this would be a bad idea. They also have staggeringly different definitions of what the middle class is, but I digress. This isn't going to help anybody in any way whatsoever, there's a reason it hasn't been given consideration despite what a mess we're currently in.

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