Should the U.S. randomly select one person to be executed daily?

Asked by: jacandmac
  • It'd be good

    People are always saying that life is precious. People must be happy for the fact that they are alive. In order to increase the happiness in the United States, one random person, of any age, race, gender, or sexual orientation (because we don't discriminate), should be chosen to be executed, daily. Maybe having friends and family taken away daily to be executed would force people to respect their life, increasing happiness. After all, when the sun rises the next day, you might be next.

  • Most definitely, yes

    Every day a large segment of creationists and republicans should be picked out and be thrown into a volcano as a sacrifice to the gods of wisdom and science, they love to feed on the flesh of ignorant men. One day after enough of the sacrifices our gods will come to the earth and bring about the true enlightenment in which our species learns all things.

  • Yes please :)

    If it gets made a law, it should be followed. The people elected their representatives, so they must follow what they say. I agree with the statement that it would make people value their lives more. This would not end the United States, if anything it would become stronger and stronger, as the unhealthy are weeded out and executed. I strongly support this idea, and hope it's implemented soon. Thank you.

  • Me first! Me First!

    I'd like to volunteer to be one of the first to be randomly chosen and executed. I've often wondered what it would be like to be tortured and killed. Then, when it's all over, I could come back and tell everyone what it is like to be dead. And for the people who posted on the 'NO' side, I invite you to read what is printed after the 'Related Topics.' Humor, Random Jokes, Recreation, Jokes.' THIS IS A JOKE, PEOPLE! Altho,' I am a bit disturbed that Religion and Spirituality are bedded in the same mattress as Humor. Must mean the writer of this web page thinks religion is a joke. That's OK. Just remember to keep telling yourself that when you find yourself at the Great White Throne Judgement of God. If you get that far without turning toward Jesus, it's too late to reconsider! Just Sayin.'

  • How is this even a question?

    Okay. This is ridiculous. First of all, there would be no logical benefit to executing someone every day. Second of all, even if there was, don't you think that some people in charge would be... Inclined to execute certain groups of people? This would lead to a dystopian world very fast if it actually happened.

  • Definitely not! It would turn into a dystopia.

    What if that one person you choose to execute at six is the boy who will grow up to discover the cure to global warming? Or cancer? What then?
    Also, if we allowed a law like this to be passed, then what would be next? This could go full Hunger Games is about two seconds.

  • Just Saying my Thoughts

    As much as I feel we seriously need to work on our system, reform things, and keep rebuilding our economy, I don't see how this would do anything than spark riots or revolts anyways. It seem very obvious that the majority of people would disagree, but if we started doing this, it would just start civil problems. Some may even be extremist about it.

  • This. Is. Disgusting.

    This is an awful theory. Everyone deserves the chance to live a full life. They deserve to live their life and enjoy it without fearing death. It won't increase happiness, it will increase fear! This is an inhumane act and should never be put upon this country. I am disgusted by the thought of this occurring.

  • no this is wrong

    WHAT IS THIS LIFE IS PRECIOUS. God gave us life as a GIFT. Think about it. Would you like if a guy came to your door and killed one of your family members. No exceptions. Think. Really. God didn't create humanity so innocent people could be murdered. This shouldn't even be an opinion.

  • This is just plain Stupid.

    It makes me sad how 50% of people agreed to this. This is very sad. Why should one life be executed? What would that do to us? It would only hurt us. What if that executed person was someone who was very successful? If it weren't, they should still have a chance in life! They could have had a great life, and they might of helped the US economy. I do NOT agree with this.

  • What in the world???

    This makes no sense. This concept is wrong on several levels. First, although it is debatable, the government should not have the power to execute on a whim. Second, while there is the chance that one person caught will be a killer and brought to justice, the vast majority of people are not. Also the style in which the sacrificed are chosen has no thought put into it.

    Aside from the logical objections to the concept alone, the consequences would result in the end of the United States. For those people who weren't executed, there would be a strong urge to revolt and the majority of people would probably feel this way.

  • Vengeance is God's

    "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay." Frankly, human beings tend to pervert justice too frequently, just look at all the innocent people on Death Row, now 140 and counting last I checked. If we were already putting the right people on Death Row maybe you could make a case for this, but we're destroying too many lives already to even consider destroying even more! Humans are fallible and the most educated, legally adept judges are abusing their powers and taking innocent lives. We should certainly not expand the destruction of life that is occurring.

    Furthermore, as Jesus said, "let he that is without sin cast the first stone." As Paul says in Romans 2, whoever condemns another is guilty for they are guilty before God of the same things. As Jesus says in the Lord's Prayer, "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors." Most people forget that right after saying that He then said God won't forgive us if we don't forgive others. For the sake of society there must be punishment and imprisonment, but we risk serious abuse if allowing execution to occur. Our nation has far too many problems with its government and judiciary already to entrust it with the power of life and death.

  • There is no way!

    I find this rather disturbing that anyone would agree to this. No one should ever have to worry if they were to be chosen, if a family member were to be ripped away from them at any given time. This sounds like the premise of a dystopian novel to me. I agree that many take what they have for granted, but this is a very extreme way to handle that situation.

  • Wow what is this?

    We are not a country that condones genocide. This is a terrible idea. It's bad enough that we condone the murder of prisoners but to murder a random person,including children, is insane. Imagine having your child or friend ripped from your arms to prove a point about "life being precious." Any person or country who would condone this kind of radical execution is crazy.

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Ragnar says2013-05-18T21:58:08.773
That's the plot of a manga! ... Sadly I cannot remember which one.