Should the U.S. recognize Venezuela's President-elect Nicolas Maduro?

  • The US should not interfere in Venezuelan politics.

    The United States has no right to interfere in the politics of other countries. The Venezuelan's have elected their new leader and the US has the potential to have far more influence by interacting in a friendly way with the Venezuelan government rather than disrespecting their political system. We must not forget that Venezuela is an oil rich country, and if the US embraces Venezuela with an open hand. They can potentially create a bilateral cultural and economic exchange that would not only benefit both countries, but would also allow the US in the future to have a greater say in Venezuela's political system.

  • Yes, of course.

    The US has absolutely not right to tell another country who they can or cannot elect or how they can or cannot run their elections. Is it massively overstepping our bounds to even consider doing so and a gross political faux pas to come right out and demand a recount as Kerry did. The country has made its decision and if its people feel strongly enough to demand a recount, they will do so. It is not our place to dictate their policy.

  • It's Smart Diplomacy

    I learned a long time ago that you give people the benefit of doubt, until they prove otherwise. Sometimes people will be misunderstood by other people because know one took the time to get to know them. This often ends up in people hating one an other for no reason. While I do not know much about this man. I think the U.S. Should reach out and see what President Maduro's beliefs are, and see if we can work with him. If not, we at least gave it a shot.

    They should not judge this man on what Hugo Chavez's beliefs were. He may be more willing to work with us. That being said, Hugo Chavez had his faults, but at least he looked out for the poor. He may have went about it the wrong way, but at least he tried to bring his people out of poverty. Many of our leaders choose to ignore the poor. You can't exactly help people get out of poverty if you pretend they don't exist. Hopefully President Madero can correct where President Chavez went wrong. This improving the U.S. And Venezuelans relationships. Which would economically benefit both countries. It creates less problems for all if both countries our economically thriving!

  • Yes, if he is the leader of the country he should be recognized.

    If a person is the head of the country, the United States government needs to recognize him. The country needs to improve relations with countries in South America as they are very close neighbors. Their country has a large of oil which could be needed by this country in the near future.

  • Obviously, Maduro is a tyrant worse than Hitler!

    First of all, I don't even understand why we are having this debate in the first place. The only people who would ever support Maduro is his army of government workers that are brainwashed by yours truly. Besides, U.S stick their abnormally long noses in every single country's affairs, so what's more than another corrupt nation ( might even be war). This is so silly that I can't believe we are having this problem in the 21st century. I would expect this kind of foolishness back in the olden days where all around us was anarchy and Nazis.

  • Support Freedom and Democracy

    Americans like to use the words Freedom and Democracy, but these words are very special for those that do not enjoy them... A group of brave people have stand up against corruption, fraud, violence, bloody persecution. They demand the truth; they demand transparency in an electoral process. When you see them fight (via cacerolazos, speeches, and peaceful rallies) for Freedom and Democracy, we should applaud and support that effort. Citizens should not be punished, murdered, accused, persecuted, and intimidated in a democratic society for demanding the audit, for demanding the truth come out. Maduro has begun his presidency illegitimately, with a witch hunt against innocent citizens that want freedom and democracy, accusing of traitors on public TV, and jailing them. He did not allow an audit, because, … well, you think about it. You would have very low morals to support a corrupt system that represses its people.

  • Fraud in Venezuela

    The irregularities in the resent Venezuela`s election and the use of public resources and institutions to help Maduro was obscene. We are sure Capriles won the elections and we demand to count all the votes!! The CNE doesn`t want to do a complete audit that will show the truth! They have always worked to help the Government.

  • It was a fraud. PLEASE LOOK IN TO IT, and help Venezuela SOS

    There are a lot of videos, showing government workers "assisting voters" making sure they vote for Maduro. Henrique Capriles, and the whole country, has proof of several assaults in the voting tables for opposite voters done by Venezuelan Army. All Maduro has done so far is illegal, and everything is going to get worse, if finally he stays in charge. PLEASE LOOK INTO IT

  • Does a bear poops in the woods?

    There is no way that Maduro won this presidential election in an honest way. Where is democracy applied in this case? Cuba is so much involved in this election. US and countries around the world with good democracy should ignore that corrupt government. They need to force another election with foreign observers!

  • No the U.S. should not recognize Venezuela's President-elect Maduro

    No, I do not think that now is the time for the U.S. To be recognizing President-elect from Venezuela. I think that the first thing that needs to occur is for diplomacy through the United Nations for both the United States and Venezuela to repair relations before the U.S. Can recognize their new President.

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