Should the U.S. recognize Washington's birthday as a holiday of its own?

  • He was one of the most

    Important leaders in the revolutionary war. Why wouldn't he have a holiday? He was our first president and played a key role in shaping our country. I don't see why we have Martin Luther King Day but not George Washington Day. This is my view and I don't see anything wrong with it.

  • I believe George Washington's birthday should be recognized as a holiday.

    I do believe George Washington's birthday should be a holiday. He was our founding father and our first President. He does deserve some respect. We have a holiday for MLK. Why not George Washington? He is quite an interesting person from what I remember from high school. Yes, he deserves his own day.

  • Yes, it for sure should.

    Washington was our founding father, and for that reason alone, the U.S. should recognize his birthday as a holiday of its own. I never understood the "sharing" and the "President's Day" alternative; besides, Americans do not get enough days off as it is, and it would give them one more reason to have a break-a very good reason.

  • It Should Be a Holiday

    I assume this is asking about George Washington, and if so, then yes his birthday should be a holiday. He was our first president and contributed a lot to this country. He is more than deserving of his own holiday. I don't see how one could be on our currency but not have a holiday.

  • Washington Played an Important Role in History

    George Washington was a very important figure in US history. With such a vital role in creating a new nation he deserves to be remembered. There are holidays for other individuals that have helped change the US; so, it only follows that a man so important in the founding of the country should be recognized.

  • No holiday for George Washington's birthday.

    I know George Washington was our first president, but celebrate his birthday? If we were to have a holiday for every president, ever political figure, then we would have no school days and no world days. We have presidents day and that should be enough. I also think they should do away with Lincolns birthday. Martin Luther King is no more important than Rosa Parks, so why have a special day for him and not her? There is a whole month delegated for black history. We are forcing prejudice. Washington was a great man, but no more holidays.

  • What would be the purpose?

    I do not understand why it would be needed or even ideal to have a holiday about George Washington any more or less than most iconic figures within our society. If there was a George Washington holiday, I would not be against the idea I just do not feel that is it necessary.

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