• In a time of war, We need men!

    If a war was to break out between us and North Korea, Where will we get our men? The draft is where we would get our men. Besides only a few of our presidents have supported our army. Trump is one of those who does defends and supports our military. We need more presidents like Trump who supports our military.

  • Yes We Should

    Too many people ignore the military and dont know anything about this country or discipline. Plus, With a draft everyone almost from the new generations will be more supportive having to go through it as well, Of course you can't be broken on initial entry, After service is a different situation, Basically you can be broken or not, But if something is not wrong after you served, Then you didn't give it your all. Plain and Simple.

  • Yes, The only fair way to protect the country.

    In our current system our politicians don't serve, yet they send young people to war. Civilians take their freedoms for granted, but with a draft they wouldn't feel so entitled. It would teach young adults discipline, which they desperately need. Civilians that don't serve are just freeloading off of the ones that do. If a draft was reinstated then the gap between veterans and civilians could be closed once and for all. Our military is currently a mercenary force. This is because the majority of those who join do it for the benefits. If conscription was instated then the military would solely be for protecting our nation.

  • Yas i tink

    Initiate the morning and I think it was the evening not the night so we might do that in winter break on January 1st 2nd and other stuff for a few hours of the morning and I think it was the evening not the night so we might do that.

  • It protects the Country!

    So many people think that enforcing a military draft is stupid or dangerous or that it infringes on the rights of the American people, but honestly, a military draft is not stupid. It is not dangerous. And it really doesn't infringe on the rights of the American people. Just think about it. We would be protecting this great country! God Bless America!!!

  • Yes they should

    Should the United States reinstate the draft? I think that the United States should reinstate the draft. I feel this way for three reasons thinning of the military, the increasing of deployments, and attempt to stop class distinctions.
    My first reason is the thinning of the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. In 1970 the Army had 1.3 million the Navy had 692,000,and the Air Force had 791,000. As of 2013 the Army had 515,000 more than a 50% decrease. The Navy had 319,000 again more than a 50% decrease. Next the Air Force had 326,000 once again more than a 50% decrease. Therefore since 1970 the three main military branches have suffered a 50% decrease in their branch and still today are decreasing in size.
    My second reasoning is the increase in deployments. Prior to the draft ending in 1973 we had deployed overseas 27 times. After the draft ended we have deployed 175 times!!! That has been a six times increase and to go along with it the 50% decrease in the military force.
    My third and final reasoning is to attempt to stop the class distinctions. Back when the original draft was held class distinctions were decreased significantly. It mixed together high school dropouts and college graduates, the rich and the poor, and most importantly races were mixed together and formed a bond between them all.
    To conclude my essay on why I think they should reinstate the draft the United States should because the increasing amount of deployments and the decrease in military personnel.

  • War For a Reason

    Reinstating the Draft would effectively prevent war. If congress' bloodline were subject to serving in meaningless wars which yield death, brutality, disabilities and long-term post traumatic stress, the United States would be less likely to engage in careless acts abroad which leave so many families hurting, and instead go to war when it is a necessity.

  • Just look at the 'no' people.

    Reinstating the draft would allow for a more professional force, and we would always be battle ready. With a well-trained force ready for battle at all times, our army would be nearly unstoppable. Also, there are far too many idiots out there who don't even know how many states there are in the USA. (50)

  • Far too many sissies and whiners

    We need to reinstate the draft because there are far too many self-absorbed sissies and whiners. Two of years of service is needed by everybody to vest them in this country, much like the Swiss have done. Far too many people do not have respect for the country and the military who happens to keep them safe. This would contribute to citizens respecting our police officers more as well.

  • Be productive, earn freedom, put down the cheese burger

    So many people in society go to college and find a way to be productive in society. However, even more don't get an education for no reason, possibly can't afford a better life, or just contribute nothing to society. With a draft, all of those people would have a purpose, a place to go, a way to make money, and a contribution. Now you might say, what if I wanted to become a doctor and not throw my life to the military. Remember, if you are enrolled in school you don't have to be drafted. Secondly, many Americans just take freedom for granted. Some illegal immigrants do to. Instead, people should have to work for freedom because it is a privilege. If you're not sure, look at North Korea with no freedom! Finally, people who are drafted would become healthier through the training and if America had a strong, intimidating army, maybe other countries would be less willing to start a future war against us. If I'm wrong, then we would still be prepared.

  • Land of the "free".

    We live in a free country. Free. So far our freedoms have been ignored. Being forced to pay for things we don't want to happen, doing things against our beliefs, and if we don't think the same way as the people in charge, we are called intolerant, bigots, and we are told to shut up. I don't want another freedom taken away. Democrats say they are pro-choice, but only if you pick their chose. What if I chose not to pay for abortions, or if I chose not to sign of same-sex licenses. I don't want to be forced into something I don't want to do. We are in the land of the free, lets keep it that way.

  • I do not thank there should be a draft

    I do not thank there should be a draft because they say that this is the land of the free if you are made to do some thing that you do not wont to do that is not freedom at all we need is people that wont to be in the military not a military draft.

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  • No, The draft should not be reinstated AT ALL

    Some people would rather live the life they want by going to college and fufilling their dreams. If people are forced into the army they wont be as commited and they most likely won't be aas mentally and physically prepared for war. We live in a "Free" country which means we should be able to make our own choices. Well we already have a lot of our rights taken away so why should we add on one more when it's not even needed? I am only a 16 year old but I know that it would be pointless because first of all it's not needed and secondly what kind of army is an army full of scared people forced to fight for something they may not even believe in? I think their is no point in bringing back the draft becasue it will only cause pain to millions of people who didn't have a choice.
    -Celeste P.

  • No, there should not be a draft.

    A new draft will raise taxes. It will keep young people away from college, ultimately killing the US economy. It will create disillusioned hoards of new soldiers who resent the military and will not fight hard for it, maybe even attacking it. It will force Jehovah's Witnesses, Anabaptists, Hasidic Jews, etc. to serve a force other than God, violating their First Amendment rights. The list goes on and on

  • Let's just stop educating people beyond high school, and send the young to die in the old politicians' wars.

    There are 2 big reasons why a draft is a terrible idea.
    1.) Instead of going off to college after high school and being able to get a higher education to improve the interior of our nation, they will be sent overseas to fight for an overactive country, and some, which could have been doctors or inventors, will be killed or affected forever with PTSD.

    2.) Why should we force the young to fight and die in a war caused by aggressive politicians? The drafting age is young, so older people are unaffected by it. Some might have children, but some don't. They will just send all the young to fight and die.

    There is no reason to force people to fight overseas for an overly aggressive nation. Now, if a major attack or invasion on US soil occours that endangers our liberties, by all means draft evreybody.

  • The US should not reinstate the draft.

    Reinstating the draft is not a good idea. This is because we do not have a severe lack of soldiers. Furthermore, we should not reinstate the draft unless we are prepared to force women to go into the army as well. Doing this would mean there would be no one at home with the kids.

  • Hello, 13th Amendment

    This is a free country. We abolish slavery in the Thirteenth amendment of the Constitution, and that's exactly what conscription is. It is a direct violation of the prohibition of slavery and involuntary servitude. The government has no right to snatch people away from their family and their lives to fight in unnecessary wars like the one in Iraq. Draft is not the solution to the problem. The solution is giving us a real reason to fight.

  • This Is BS

    Wtf why would u guys want a draft? You dyslexic down syndrome fuck!!!! Kkk kkk kk kk k k k kk kk k k k k k k k k kk k k k k k k k k kk k k k k kk k k k k k k k

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