Should the U.S. remain a part of the United Nations?

  • Yes

    The United States has a lot of power in the United Nations, something we can use to our advantage. Also, the United Nations promotes peace all over the world. The United States can be a positive influence in the world and punish corrupt dictators. The United States can also help solve worldwide conflicts.

  • Women and Children

    The UN saves 16 million women and children a year. They prevent 33 million pregnancies a year. And they protect 120 million kids from diseases a year. Without the UN many people would probably die because there are so many poor countries out there and the UN is their only source of help.

  • Yes. Its simply another tool we can use.

    The US supplies about 22% of the UN budget, most of its military power, and is one of the 5 members of the security council with veto power. If we threaten to stop paying or supplying troops and materials (which we have done in the past) we can HEAVILY influence which decisions are made, who gets what positions, and who gets punished (and how severally). If something comes up that we don't like, then veto it. The UN is a great tool for expanding US influence across the planet.

  • The US should definitely remain a part of the United Nations because this is a world wide organization, and since we are one of the key countries in the world it is important that we be represented.

    The United Nations is an organization of many of the countries around the world gathering together to oversee the dealings on behalf of the whole world. They try to monitor and promote fairness around the world. Since the US is one of the key countries in the world it is important that we be represented in the United Nations.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • I believe that the U.S. should remain a part of the United Nations because some good can come out of debating international issues with other countries.

    Although the United Nations is not perfect, I believe the United States should continue to be a member. This is one international forum where different countries come together to try to work out some of the world's problems and good things can occasionally come from working together with others on issues. It is the only organization in the world that brings these leaders together on a regular basis, and I think that is a good thing.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • I support the United States remaining a part of the United Nations because of the peace implications.

    The United Nations helps to resolve international disputes among the many countries in the world. Because the United States is a major country, it should not isolate itself from others in attempting to promote peace for all nations. The United States must remain active in the process and remain a part of the United Nations.

    Posted by: Purf3ctRenc
  • I support the U.S. remaining a part of the United Nations.

    All countries of the world should be part of the United Nations. The United Nations was created to keep and promote a fair living and peaceful world, so all countries should be active supporters of this multinational organization. It does not matter if a country is big or small, powerful or not; all countries should be part of the U.N. The United States should give its vote and opinion and also should be respected by other countries. The United Nations is the best stage for that.

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • The U.S should remain part of the United Nations to keep a favorable status.

    The United States would distance itself from the rest of the world if it removed itself from the United Nations. The U.N. provides a place for the world to come together and agree on serious issues. It is for the good of the entire world. This could seriously tarnish the image of the United States and make the country seem more aloof than some people already see the country.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • I think the United States should remain in the United Nations because some global problems require a global response.

    North Korea has nuclear weapons. When the international community comes together to resolve this issue, even if China doesn't seem to move on this, North Korea knows that internationally they are outnumbered. So if North Korea tries to set off a nuclear bomb, Kim Jong-Il can expect a heavy response.

    Posted by: IincoM0n
  • It is still a helpful international organization.

    Maybe the United Nations needs some dusting off and modernizing but
    it still helps alot of people around the world. We should work to
    improve the group and its effectiveness but to abandon it would not
    be fair to the rest of the world and we would loose some stature in
    certain global situations. It still is a great bed of spies, isn't it?

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Me myself and I

    Why is the US in the Middle East? The UN sent forces to keep the peace, which means the US (since we have the largest military in the UN). The huge majority of member nations in the UN are third world countries, they don't exactly have what you would call a military that is capable of keeping the peace in places like the Middle East let alone there own countries.

    The US should withdraw from the UN and work on repairing itself. The economy is in a slump and we have people like Bradley Manning leaking classified documents to the media, compromising national security. People around the world look at the US and they see some god-like figure that can fix all their problems. The truth is that most Americans are sick of helping other countries. We have been doing it ever since the end of the 1800's. We caused the turning point in WW 1 when we joined the war and it ended not long after we entered it. In WW 2, Britain and the countries on the Scandanavian peninsula were all that was left of Free Europe. The US cut down Germany in less than a year on multiple fronts (northern Africa and the D-Day front and Italy). We also took out Japan after years of island warfare in the Pacific. We were sent into Vietnam to fight off communist, and then after many years we had to withdraw due to the fight being led by some stupid politicians in D.C. We then went into South Korea to fight off more communist and we would have been able to push into China (where all those communist were coming from), but the stupid politicians in D.C. Got rid of General MacArthur and decided to halt the advance and withdraw at the North Korean-Chinese border and we lost countless American lives due to that ill-planned tactic of holding the line.

    Granted, the fights in Vietnam and Korea were failure due to AMERICAN politicians; but it was the UN that sent our men into that Hell.

  • Foreign nations voting on my rights?

    Each country, including the United States, has different national goals, needs and the national right to govern it's own nation.

    Why should the United States have it's wings clipped by foreign nations, many who greatly dislike or hate us, and be told what we can do in our own country? It's silly to think hostile nations who oppose the U.S. In ideology, way of life, values and culture will all of a sudden vote for our well being.

    Individual rights, just laws and unique cultures need to be preserved. UN and globalization are the polar opposite to individual sovereignty and freedom.

    I think the United States and every other country has the ability to govern itself, not other nations.

  • No more "Global Citizen" talk.

    We don't need another group of people telling us what is best for us. This is America and the Constitution gives the People the power. Not a group of power-hungry clowns from OTHER countries. Thanks UN, but we'll take it from here. GET OUT OF MY LIFE DECISIONS! Bye bye.

  • The UN wants full world control.

    The UN operates under a guise of a peacemaking organization. Honestly, it's quite the opposite. Many of our wars were lost because the UN was playing both sides of the fence. They forced Douglas MacArthur to be removed from power in the Korean war so that the Chinese supply lines aiding North Korea wouldn't be interrupted. How can we be part of an organization that constantly seeks to undermine the freedoms of not only all of its opposition, but the freedoms of its member states. You people should read the UN charter sometime. It is written in legalese, but if you read it understanding that the organization is just a giant warmonger, the beginning of the "New World Order" makes complete sense.

  • The United States has its own problems to worry about.

    George Washington advised that the United States should stay out of entangling alliances. The UN is just that, it is a bunch of socialist countries trying to tell a capitalist country what to do. The US should worry about its own problems first (bad economy, severe debt) before they try to fix other countries problems.

  • Time to go...

    We do nothing but bankroll this organization so it can conduct policy that goes against much of what we stand for. Even after countless billions, they still have the never to say we owe them money....Boot the whole pack of scofflaw diplomats out of New York and put all that money into our country, where it belongs.

  • What does it offer us?

    In the words of Hillary Clinton, "What difference does it make?" Why do other nations' issues need to be addressed by us? What needs to be addressed is $17 trillion in debt. We should leave the UN, as well as begin to harvest oil shale to cripple OPEC. We only have 110 years worth of oil at our current rate, and cars are not getting less fuel efficient. The United Nations offers absolutely nothing to the average US citizen and only costs him money.

  • No, no, no

    The U.S. continues to support the U.N. Further, many of its ideals conflict with the ideals of our forefathers. Plus, the United States as taken a roll of the "world's police" through the U.N. When it comes to military action on behalf of the U.N., it's the U.S. that supports it with our troops. Get out of the U.N. Get out of other countries. Bring all our troops home. Kick the U.N. out. Make the U.S. self-reliant again. Feed OUR women and children. Keep peace in OUR country. If those Middle Eastern countries can't behave themselves, let them destroy each other. Let North and South Korea hash out their own problems. The U.S./U.N. stirs up more trouble than it settles.

  • We should not remain a part of the United Nations.

    I believe that America should step out of the United Nations because we contribute to the UN more than any other country that is apart of it. America provides 22% of the regular United Nations budget and 27% of the peace-keeping budget. This is similar to the 13 colonies problem (one vote per country), yet its on steroids!

  • Only america has the burdens of the "united" nations.

    The UN is literally a waste of money for our goverment; we are the ones who pay and are the majority of the fighting forces of them. We are the only ones that pay and die to keep peace in nations that we have no business being apart of. The UN was at least somewhat successful in stopping the spread of communism but its only a harsh global oppressor now.

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