• Yes, it should

    I'm thinking a majority around "all of them" to be more specific. The situation has not gotten better in our time there, many would fairly argue that it has worsened. We're not accomplishing anything but ensuring the animosity towards us continues, just get out before we have even more casualties.

  • Majority should come home

    The majority of troops should come home from Afghanistan while it will be necessary to keep some troops on the ground to keep things stable. The American presence there has been over thirteen years and the American public is tired of the troops being t here. We are grateful for their service.

  • Yes, we should.

    The United States has reached its military objectives in Afghanistan. The Taliban was driven out and dismantled, al queda is a shell of its former self, and Osama Bin Laden was found and killed a couple of years ago. It's time to let the Afghans take their own country back.

  • Yes, there is no longer the need for excessive amounts of troops in Afghanistan.

    Yes, the only real need for some troops to be left in Afghanistan would be to preserve the peace as Afghanistan goes the the stages of creating a democracy. There is more need for troops in places of current conflict such as the tension between North and South Korea. The man power of the United States could be much more wisely used.

  • It's not time for us to go yet.

    I do not think that it is quite yet time for the United States to remove its troops from Afghanistan. The region is still largely unstable, thanks in part to the past decade of American involvement. We need to do more community building (and rebuilding) to further repair the damage we've done, and also further drive out the Taliban.

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