Should the U.S. remove all troops from Afghanistan?

  • Yes US should remove the troops

    The US government is currently unstable and should focus on improving the lives of its citizens first then everyone else comes second. The US government does not have a lot of money to spare to spend on war, instead of spending millions of taxpayers money on wars, those money should be put to a health welfare system or other useful agendas.

  • Yes, the troops should leave Afghanistan.

    Whatever the reason was for the U.S. to go into Afghanistan, it no longer applies. The U.S. is now only killing more of our own people and innocent civilians to try to accomplish something that it hasn't been able to do for a decade. Enough is enough. We need to pull our troops out immediately.

  • Yes, troops should leave Afghanistan.

    The war in Afghanistan has been grinding for a long, long time and I do not think any better outcome is in sight for the immediate future. Many persons have been killed and much money has been spent. Let's not have any more deaths. The United States can not really solve the problem in that country.

  • Yes, pull out immediately.

    We have no business staying in a country that is not ours for over a decade. We are killing their civilians and our own soldiers in a militaristic haze of nationalism. We have pressing domestic issues that require attention and financing, but we are spending billions on a war effort that yields poor results.

  • No we can not leave a battle that is almost over

    During the civil war there was a great battle between the south and the north. The north was getting pummeled and the general and the citizens told the trumpet player to sound retreat. The trumpet player told the people that we can not let the south win the battle and refused to sound retreat. The general was furious and threatend the player with death. So the player climbed to the top of a tall hill overlooking the battle, and sounded charge. Now the general was furious and ordered the player in chains. He was about to kill him when he got a message. When the union heard the call they fought harder then ever… and won the battle. The general was shocked then went to unchain the player. Then he asked the player why did you sound charge and not retreat? And the player answered i would not let us lose yet another battle. We could not walk away from a battle that is half over.

    You see we can not leave until this job is done. If we leave that is a statement that the terrorists have won and we can not have that. You never do something half way and get away with it you finish what you start.

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