Should the U.S. repay its $1 billion outstanding debt to the United Nations?

  • Yes.

    Yes, all people and nations should pay back their debts regardless of the type or reasons not too. If the allowance to not pay back loans existed then all credibility would be lost when loans are being asked to be distributed. If you do not pay back your loans, no one is going to want to give you any credit in the future when you may need help again.

  • The United States should repay its debt

    The United States has a responsibility to pay back their creditors. When you borrow money, you have an obligation and an expectation to give that money back with interest tacked on. That premise is what makes economy work. If we abandon it on such a grand scale what kind of example are we setting?

  • Yes

    You should always repay your debts. No matter how small they are or how big it is your responsibility to pay off what you borrowed from someone. That is one of the problems with the world these days is that people can just think that they do not have to pay some thing back that they borrowed.

  • Yes, I think the U.S., should repay it's $1 billion outstanding debt to the United Nations

    In my opinion, debt is not a good thing to have. The more money a person or country owes to another, the lower the credit rating they will have. In the case of a country, owing money can prevent future transactions from occurring. In addition, borrowing money would carry a higher interest rate. This debt is a burden on tax payers and the more money owed, the less money there is for domestic programs at home, such as Education, Healthcare and Green Energy.

  • Lead By Example

    How can the United States be considered a leader of the free world if we don't lead by example? The United Nations needs money to function just as much as the United States. We should pay our debt after Congress takes care of its own burgeoning debt problem. An obligation is an obligation.

  • The U.S. Should ignore their debts.

    The U.S. Has done much more for the UN than they have done for us. In the Korean War, the U.S. Sent 5,270,000 troops to Korea while the rest of the UN only sent 60,000. Besides, why does the U.S. Owe the UN anything? We pay for a lot of their spending. That should count as paying back debts anyways.

  • WTF, no

    How do we have debt to the United Nations? If anything, they should owe us for all the money we contribute to them. There's no way we should bother to repay our debt to them, and if they press the issue we might as well leave. Not like they're doing us any good anyway

  • No.

    The United States pays more than 21% of the United Nations annual budget. And when it comes to Peacekeeping missions we pay nearly 27%. That's 1.95 billion a year, just so the UN can occupy countries. If anything, the US should leave the UN and refuse to pay any debts to them. We should take that 1.95 billion we pay the UN to kill in Africa and Asia and rebuild our collapsing country.

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