Should the U.S. repeal punitive cigarette taxes on account of hurting poor and middle-class smokers more than helping the antismoking movement?

Should the U.S. repeal punitive cigarette taxes on account of hurting poor and middle-class smokers more than helping the antismoking movement?
  • Repealing cigarette taxes would not help the poor to middle-class, because it would hurt them more from a health standpoint.

    By repealing a tax that makes cigarettes sometimes unobtainable for the poor to middle class, this group of people, as well as others, would have more access, and we would see more use of the product. This tax not only helps to promote an anti-smoking movement, but it also helps to reduce the number of illnesses, diseases, and deaths related to smoking and cigarettes. It also helps reduce the health care cost to all of us by providing funding to organizations that help cover health care costs.

    Posted by: Ment0n3
  • I agree cigarettes are a bad habit, but, stop stealing my money, I worked for it

    Cigarette smoking is a bad habit. But it's far from being a crime. Why are cigarette smokers being taxed to death by state and federal governments. We work for a living the same as everyone else. Stop stealing our pay checks to fund government. Taxes must be shared equally. If you used the same arguments you use to tax smokers to death, you need to put weight scales outside grocery stores and restaurants to tax obese people, as is, you're obese, so that Big Mac will cost you 20 dollars.

  • Smoking not by choice

    Cigarettes are addictive, most smokers would love to quit but cant! If the government wants to help people live a healthier lifestyle then taking more money from addicts is going to not only harm them, its going to hurt the rest of their household as well. More focus should be directed at those at risk to become smokers in the future!

  • Unfair

    The taxes on tobacco are extremely unfair and the support from our citizens who like this tax just because they hate cigarettes is unjust. Every single citizen here in the USA has the right to be treated fairly and equally like another citizens has the same rights here. Smokers have been put into a group and have been harassed. It is nobody's business what smokers do with their personal lives and they should not be taxed unfairly just because they choose to smoke. There are many other toxins that are not taxed like tobacco is. How about carbon monoxide coming from everyone's tailpipes of their cars? "All taxes shall be fair and equal for all." This is a quote from our rights as citizens of the USA. Lets start obeying this right!

  • Increasing the price of an addictive product does not decrease its use.

    While the idea may have had some merit, in theory, the fact is that cigarettes are addictive and an addictive item is not limited by price. Increasing the price of the item only decreases demand, when there are easy alternatives, or it is not a vital item. All the taxes do is punish those who have to budget tightly to figure out how to pay for their addiction.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • The U.S. ought to repeal punitive cigarette taxes because better ways of discouraging smoking exist that do not unfairly tax the poor.

    The unfair cigarette taxation of the poor hurts the lowest income individuals, but it also fails to resolve the primary issue. Cigarettes either pose significant enough danger that the government should not allow their existence or they ought to fall under tax codes similar to other products of their type. To tax cigarettes in a seemingly arbitrary fashion opens up the possibility of far too much abuse.

    Posted by: ButEasy
  • The U.S. should repeal punitive cigarette taxes, because they harm poor smokers more than they help the anti-smoking movement.

    There is no evidence that punitive cigarette taxes help the anti-smoking movement. There is strong evidence to support the harms that punitive cigarette taxes have on poor Americans. Poor Americans, already addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes, tend to choose cigarettes over necessities.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • Herd control using taxes

    You want me to do what? Just tax me into performing the activity of your desire. Socialists will think the idea is grand and if you can add a benefit - or make one up - you can feel righteous too. The only thing lost is freedom. Unfortunately when some lose freedom - everyone loses. Cars kill more people every year than cigarettes - let us tax the use of cars too! A tax for every mile travelled should be appropriate. Let's add one dollar of tax per mile! Mass transit could remain untaxed so everyone would benefit by being forced to ride trains and busses. It would be for your own good. It would save tens of thousands of lives every year. Those who already use public transit can feel superior and join the people who currently vote NO on the repeal of cigarette taxes. They haven't lost any freedom - or have they?

  • Equality in taxation

    "All taxes shall be fair and equal for all". This comes out of our bill of rights as citizens here. Smokers are also citizens and should be treated like equals to everyone else. Just because a legal citizen chooses to smoke cigarettes don't mean that their country can tax them unfairly and harass them because of their personal choices. Tell me who has the right to make cigarette smokers a group of legal citizens that are harassed and taxed unfairly! If you have no bad habits or can walk on water, then you might have the right to harass the smokers of this world, but that person would never think of doing that!

  • Doesnt fix the problem

    Punishing people by raising prices while their addicted to a legal drug is ridiculous. States should pay for all quitting smoking necessities if they are going to continue raising prices. Can't afford the smokes, but can't afford the quit smoking cessation help. Tax toilet paper which everyone uses and that could help states problems.

  • While the burden on anyone's budget is regrettable, the incentive to at least reduce one's smoking is valuable.

    While it's true that some people may not be motivated or immediately able to quit smoking because of high cigarette taxes, it seems likely that the tax motivates most smokers to at least moderate their habit, and this is a beneficial public health outcome. It is better for the government to offer disincentives to smoking than it is for it to interfere with the freedom to smoke per se, since it may be a valuable coping mechanism and source of pleasure for people in the short term, and setting up another illicit market is likely to cause increased crime and corruption, as the drug war and Prohibition did. As for not taxing cigarettes at all, such a stance exhibits an unwise indifference toward the health issues at stake; smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death in America. Rates have, however, declined dramatically as anti-smoking advertising and taxes have increased.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • The cigarette taxes support beneficial services; we might as well get some benefit out of the smokers poor decisions.

    Smokers use public services, and especially public health services, at a much higher rate than non-smokers. Therefore, we might as well, as a society, reap some benefit from their poor decision-making. Cigarette taxes support many good services, such as education. Further, if the cost penalty eventually becomes high enough, perhaps poor smokers will be priced out of the market and stop smoking. This would help the public by reducing their need for medical services. Either scenario presents a win for the public.

    Posted by: 5h3rIsdead
  • Removing cigarette taxes will not affect people whom are addicted to cigarettes.

    Poor people who can barely afford cigarettes because of cigarette taxes will just buy more cigarettes if taxes are alleviated. Cigarettes are not essential to a comfortable lifestyle, so they should not be considered as so. Alleviating alcohol taxes would have the same effect. People would be buying even more alcohol, especially the poor.

    Posted by: RayEar
  • Cigarette taxes should not be repealed as they can be helpful to the poor and middle class people as a deterrent to smoking.

    Cigarettes keep getting more and more expensive for everyone, but especially for the poor and middle-class. While this is bleeding these SES groups financially in the short-term while they smoke, in the long run punitive taxes actually function as a deterrent to lighting up. Rising cigarette prices have no doubt propelled many people to quit that otherwise might have not given it a second thought if the prices stayed low. Knowing they're bad for you is one thing, but knowing they're bad for you AND costly is only another impetus for you to quit smoking. Also, if cigarette taxes were repealed, I worry people who had successfully quit might be much more tempted to start back up again, risking their health.

    Posted by: skittles
  • No the U.S. should not repeal the punitive cigarette taxes because smokers should help in providing the U.S. funding, especially if the U.S. will be paying for health care.

    There are a few reasons why the U.S. should not repeal the punitive cigarette taxes. One big reason is that if the government will be funding health care, then there should be additional funding coming in to help cover the costs that the smokers will incur because of their failing health. Another reason is that the tax should deter those who can not afford smoking from smoking. The tax should be an incentive. It should be their problem if they continue to smoke if they cannot afford it.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Smoking is still damaging to health and should not be encouraged.

    It's unfortunate that more poor and middle class people smoke than wealthy people. But that doesn't change the fact that smoking is a dangerous and harmful habit, and the government should show no mercy in discouraging people to take up this addictive habit. If it causes non-smokers to think twice before lighting up, then it's worth it.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • I am opposed to lowering or eliminating the punitive taxes on cigarettes, because it would only open the door to increased sales.

    Punitive taxes on cigarette sales should not be repealed. Poor and middle-class smokers are aware of the taxes, why they are there, and still choose to smoke. Die-hard smokers will smoke regardless of the price of a cigarette. Repealing the cigarette taxes would merely open the door for the sale of more cigarettes. Smokers who had quit because of the cost would have less resistance to cheaper cigarettes. Smokers would have one less incentive to give up the habit. Lowering the cost of cigarettes would make their purchase economically easier for younger people, opening the door for a whole new generation of smokers.

    Posted by: TickoAbbey

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Anonymous says2013-04-14T19:04:47.303
I think every cigarette smoker in the country should not purchase any tobacco products until the government eliminates the punishment tax on cigarettes.