• I support repeal of the income tax.

    Property taxes, Sales taxes and income taxes are too much. The massive amount of money just give government an excuse to waste and spend. Investment in the actual United States should be prioritized above giving money to foreign governments. We should tax the imports of foreign companies to replace part of our current income tax spending and perhaps pay for heath care.

  • No tax will ever be enough.

    Government doesn't understand what is means to earn money and have it stolen before it even reaches the bank. If they want more, they just take more. With a sales tax, I am still paying taxes, but I can control when and how much with my spending. Government will have to learn how to live with what is allowed for them. No longer can they just spend with the faith that money will just always be available to them.

  • Its my money

    I worked for it. Its evil. The government taxes us enough. They have to stop taxing something if not this then something else like inheritance tax or property tax. Itd be nice to be able to afford anything. The wages are so low already and the cost of living is so high

  • Yes a national sales or value added tax would be better

    In addition to the complexity and unfairness of it, millions of person-hours are wasted every year to do income tax returns. Removing this burden and replacing it with a NST or VAT would create measurable increases in productivity and GNP. It would likely cause a one-time boost to the economy when initially implemented.

  • It's time to fix the system

    Ever spend free money? It vanishes almost immediately! Same dynamic here. The bureaucrats that have mismanaged the national budget have not ONLY spent the massive sums taken (essentially by force) from the voters they ostensibly represent but HUGELY INCREASED THE DEBT along the way. The current system has no accountability in it. I like the suggestions about consumption-based sales tax much better for truly necessary public services and defense -- at least some incentives toward growth would exist, and those struggling on fixed incomes could control the impact of taxes on their ability to eat.

  • Absolutely! Think about it:

    Think about it:

    You are being taxed on your labor. You are told to get a job, support yourself, and pay your bills as to not be a burden on the system.

    The government then taxes you for WORKING, and not being a burden on the system.

    The government then uses that money to pay off the debt that IT has racked up through irresponsible spending. Not ONE dime goes to paying for any service you receive. Numerous studies have shown this.

    You are having the fruit of your hard work and labor taken from you, and a ridiculous rate that is determined by a bunch of bureaucrats, thus someone who doesn't even know you determines how much money YOU can afford to pay the government.

    Then, what money you have left over to pay for goods and services is ONCE AGAIN subjected to taxation on the goods you buy.

    So, the government taxes your income and takes money it did not earn, and uses to pay for their own misuse and irresponsibility. Then taxes you again on the goods and services you buy with what is left over.

    Your wages are the result of your hard work and labor. The government has no right to it. This country survived for the first half of its history on no income tax. Its a farce and nothing more.

  • It's a no brainer!

    The government did not help me get my job, the government does not help me do my job, therefore the government should not be entitled to any of my wages. Let me decide where my money goes. If I choose to buy taxable items and services then so be it. At least I made that decision. A lifetime politician and Senator in my state owns 7 houses. It sounds like politics is a pretty lucrative business and I am tired of paying for it while I struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis.

  • Yes - We Need To Start Over!

    Yes, The U.S. should repeal the income tax. Between the federal income tax, state income tax, county income tax and sales tax, we are being taxed to death – and in spite of the high percentage paid in federal taxes, this country is still going broke and cannot even balance a budget. Government and the cost of running the government and the salaries and benefits for elected officials have become obscenely large. It is wrong that those who struggle from payday to payday should have to contribute so much more than they can afford. It is also wrong of elected officials to expect such high compensation for their services. Let us repeal the income tax and substantially reduce the size and cost of our government – then require elected officials to understand that we pay their salaries – which probably run more than the cost of Medicare and social security.

  • Sales Tax More Viable

    A national sales tax should work just as well in today's consumer-based economy. The key to a national sales tax, in addition to excise taxes, is to keep the economy growing. Such a measure should make Congress more motivated to keep economic policies moving forward so sales tax revenues don't slide backward. A national sales tax may also force a balanced budget each year if revenues come in higher or lower. Changing the amount of tax revenues would be simple measure of changing the tax rate on an annual basis instead of getting rid of loopholes and deductions.

  • Yes they should

    I want to say no, but for me it will be yes. Everything in life every one thing has become so expensive it has become hard to live. Then you work day and night, then you pay tax for the income we earn. If we work day and night and then we see so much money being cut from our income then it becomes even more upsetting. You expect a certain amount in your account on pay day and realize it's less. It is so depressing. So yes repeal income tax.

  • No Income Tax is Needed!

    If we were to erase Income tax, than our Nation would be unable to substance itself. I am not for income tax raises anytime soon especially with the fact that the Minimum Wage is going nowhere, and the cost of living, and food costs flying up. We as a nation need to figure out other ways to make the revenue necessary to keep are cities, and states running without hurting are nation even more. I would be for more right offs for the Lower class, and self employed, in return than maybe increasing sales tax more. However cutting Income tax would be devastating.

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