Should the U.S. require animal testing for cosmetics and beauty products?

  • Yes, but not on animals.

    Of course there needs to be testing on any make up or beauty products that will be sold to the general public because they are used right on the skin, usually on the face, and could be damaging otherwise. Which does not mean that this testing should be done on innocent animals who feel pain.

  • Only in rare instances where approval is required.

    This is one of those things that's really going to depend on the context. I think that there's a lot we can do with organic and computer simulations that don't involve suffering and loss of life of innocent animals. We should use those as much as possible and it should be really hard to make a case for testing on animals.

  • It is wrong

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  • Those unethical practices are cruel and obsolete.

    I don't live in the USA but this topic concerns the whole world. Compassion is the only real force needed to improve this planet, but as money keeps ruling everywhere and everything, not only other animals will continue suffering but also the human race and the ecosystems. Keep thinking it's not important and a boring issue if you wish to live into the worst dystopian version of civilization that is just around the corner...

  • They should not

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  • The U.S. should not require animal testing for cosmetics and beauty products.

    The United States should not require animal testing be used on cosmetic and beauty products. These products can be tested in other means without abusing animals. There is no reason that animals need to be used for these tests when there are prefectly good alternatives taht do not cause pain and suffering.

  • No it is wrong to require

    For the US government to require animal testing is wrong. It is okay for the government to decide if companies have the right to test on animals or not, but to require the testing on animals to be done does not make sense. This would cause a huge back lash in society.

  • No, the United States shouldn't require animal testing on beauty products.

    Personally, I can understand why animals are used for medical-related testing. It would not be wise or ethical to test something that could be fatal on human subjects. However, in the case of unnecessary products like cosmetics, which also aren't likely to be dangerous to humans, I feel they should instead be tested on human subjects. There's no reason to test them on animals, and it seems almost ridiculous to have animal testing on things that aren't needed. I feel it would be wrong and unethical for the U.S. to require animal testing on these types of products.

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