Should the U.S. require employers to provide paid vacation time?

  • People should have the right to take a break

    Many employers put a lot of financial stress on their employees, which does not allow them to go on unpaid vacation for more than a couple days. And if they employer does not offer paid vacation, often times the employees will be overworked, causing stress, which has its own negative effects, such as higher rates of depression, suicide, etc. Even if federal law mandated that employers give their employees at least 10 days of paid leave, it would make a huge positive impact on the lives of millions of Americans all around the country.

  • No, I don't think that the U.S. should require employers to provide paid vacation time.

    I don't think that LLC's or any other corporations should be required to under law to provide paid vacation time, because many companies can't really afford to do so. Every organization is structured in a unique way and they have different ways of business operations that may not be profitable to them if they did so.

  • Your personal life is just that... Personal

    You want to go on vacation? Good, go then, but leave the employer out... The Employer shouldn't pay for your life... He should pay for your working hours and be accountable for you when you are on the job, nothing more.

    You can not demand they pay for every aspect of your life... That's not their job, that's yours. If you can't save up enough for a vacation, than don't take one. Your personal life and joys are yours to fund, and only yours.

    It's a work contract, nothing else.

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