Should the U.S. require people to learn and speak English before they can attain citizenship?

  • This is America. Get over yourself!

    For you to try to come into my country and speak a language that is foreign to all of us and then expect us to just accommodate to you is completely asinine. I don't understand how anyone could even rationalize that idea! Show some respect for this country and the people in it. We wouldn't go to Mexico without basic knowledge of how to communicate with the locals and get along so by shouldn't they?

  • Reason: Safety and Respect.

    I've been in the military for 20 years. I've been married to someone that speaks another language for 14 years. We have 3 kids now. I thought my wife would learn English while we were married. Turns out that she has a very lazy side to her about learning English. There's also some pride mixed into the equation. First of all, we live in a country that accepts all kinds. We also have the freedom of speech. I deeply respect our constitution. I fight for it. I'm willing to give my life up for it. But some people that come to our country do not feel this way. They see a free ride, or they don't agree to live in "their" country for whatever reason. They take a lot for granted when they come into this country. It has taken a lot wars and lives to fight for what we believe in. To come into this country to live, then not make a good effort to learn English is very disrespectful. It can be a safety factor as well. For example; If you are in an emergency situation that requires immediate assistance, then how can you communicate in a timely manner to 911, or the next door neighbor, or whoever that don't understand your language? Especially if you have kids. I feel we should have laws created for these reasons. Our country respects all other countries. History has shown that we help other nations more than any other country in the world. Why can't immigrants learn "our" primary language before coming into our country? Yes, it's a privilege (not a right) to speak whatever language in the United States of America. That's the beauty of freedom. That's what we fought for through the years. That's what I fight for. Just remember one thing. In this country, you "can" speak other languages. Your free to do so. But if you plan on living here, and you don't make a valiant effort to speak English is very disrespectful, and it can be extremely unsafe for yourself and others, depending on the situation. I have also observed the people that have true ambition to do well in the United States of America will study English and be fluent. It's not an easy process. I understand this. If you make a "big" decision to go to another country, you need to learn the language. When does common sense kick in? If I move to Russia, would I expect everyone there to understand English? Apply this theory to other countries. You see my point? People that come into the United States of America and don't try to learn English are usually lazy, to prideful of their heritage, mixed with disrespect to this country. And yes, you still have the "privilege" to speak your language here. Youre welcome! Myself and "many others" fought for it. Maybe you should!

  • English real americans!

    Any one that has been born and raised in America, knows that English has always been the language that we speak. All the time growing up everything was in English. Don't know when everything got changed to include Spanish. Real Americans speak English! If you want to be a legal citizen, learn English. The first language real Americans speak!

  • The U.S. should require people to learn and speak English before attaining citizenship.

    Right now I'm living with my husband and his family who migrated from their country, to the United States about 20 years ago. My husband speaks fluent english and spanish, and so does his brothers and his father. But his mother doesn't know any english. I'm constantly getting yelled at by my husband because I'm speaking my language, to his mother. It is not my fault that she doesn't know english. If she has lived here for this long, you would think that she would know enough to communicate with someone? I know some spanish, and I can understand some words, but I don't have to learn spanish to communicate with her because I'am not in a Spanish speaking country. So as you can see there is someone out there who is having a difficult time speaking in their own language to someone who should be speaking the same. That's why it should be require for people to learn and speak the English language.

  • People who want to attain U.S. citizenship should be able to speak English first, because it is our national language.

    The United States was founded by people who spoke English. That has been our national language since then. If someone wants to live in the United States, they should be able to speak English, so that the rest of the English-speaking country can understand them. It is easier for the few who want citizenship to learn English, than it is to teach all of the United States to speak other languages, just so we can understand one another.

    Posted by: UppityLorenzo
  • It is our national language.

    I find it offensive to have everything in Spanish, why not Polish? I find that discriminating. People have come to America from many countries over the years and they love our country and adopt our English language, except those from Mexico, and Latin America. Perhaps we should go to Mexico and demand that English be written everywhere like they do here. It is offensive that no other immigrant group ever did this they all willingly learned English. MY husband is Mexican and Puerto Rican and speaks excellent English and calls himself "An American"

  • English is Our ONE Official Language

    If I moved to Mexico, I would never expect the Mexican government to cater to me by printing everything in English as well as Spanish. I've lived in Switzerland, and I speak German - one of their four official languages. I never expected the Swiss government to cater to English-only speakers.

    It wastes a great deal of taxpayer funds to print everything in multiple languages. English is our ONE official language; to live here, you should absolutely learn at least a conversational level of it.

  • Learn English please!

    When you move to France, you learn to speak French. When you move to Israel, you learn Hebrew. When you move to any other country with a different language, you learn that language. Why is America different? Welcome to America, please speak the language, or GET OUT!!! It's that simple. I should not have to choose between English and Spanish when I call customer service.

  • Learn or leave

    I realize that it can be extremely difficult to learn a new language however. I believe it should be required before citizenship. We should all be able to understand each other.
    Having a common language helps people live together. I am fine with government providing courses for this, but I don't think we should pay for most other services for non citizens.

  • Despite our country saying they enjoy variety of people and culture, its 100% neccesary to know english.

    If you lived in china, you would have to know Chinese to be able to legitmatly live there full time. It makes much more sense to know the language or the dominant language of the country if you're going to live there or visit, le alone get citizenship. I believe you have to speak English to be a citizen.

  • What does "America is for Americans" mean?

    Yeah, we are all Americans, but we are a diverse country that is a "melting pot" for all sorts of different backgrounds - why would we seek to change this by forcing everyone to learn the same language? Besides, learning a language can be very difficult - this whole thing is unreasonable

  • Natives didn't make You learn Their language, did they?

    All immigrants must learn English started when whites INVADED my peoples country many years ago. I believe that English AND Spanish should be the languages we speak. Heres a joke: What is a person whom speaks three languages: Trilingual. What is a person whom speaks two languages: Bilingual. What is a person whom speaks but One language: AMERICAN. Why is it that other countries must learn our tongue but not us theirs? This debate is asinine. I speak both. I'm proud of learning the COMMON LANGUAGES of the land. My people don't speak their own language anymore. Whites beat the English into us and the Spanish too... Mexicans all speak Spanish and they're coming over. The only reason we aren't speaking German right now (a majority of people immigrated a while back when our country was new, were German) is because English speakers refused to learn it. ADAPT PEOPLE! Its not GOOD to speak only one language! It only limits you! It limits the country!

  • Us has no right to force people do something

    Well in my opinion U.S. has no right to make people learn English before getting citizenship because they have no right to impose the learning of English on people. It is their life and their own wish to learn a language. But after attaining citizenship yes US can make them learn English as they are now a part of this land but not before this.

  • Of Course Not

    Ever hear of taxation without representation? That's exactly what this is. If a person lives in country, and pays our taxes, they have every right to vote in our elections. What's more, who are we to say that a person is incapable of being a responsible citizen without speaking English? I'm pretty sure they can print ballots in Spanish.

  • Honestly i think not

    because one of the reasons for people to come here, is to start a new life, make things of themselves, without any requirements religiously, ethnically, or mentality related, if you are a black Muslim who speaks Chinese, you should be allowed to come to the US no matter what language you speak, honestly we dont acctually have an official languange so if you dont want to learn english you dont constitutionally have to, furthermore people will probably pick up on english for whatever reason anyways so why make it a big deal and force feed them it?

  • no

    i think that people shoudnt be forced to learn english because it deprives themmof their heritage

  • No, they don't need to.

    They pay the taxes and they have every right to vote in elections. They also love the country as much as we did. Why just don't give them a little chance to be come a citizen? English does not bother them because they know other languages. Well, they can't communicate with the society but they understand what they are doing.

    Posted by: Leep
  • What they aren't comfortable with that?

    Most people in the US who don't know English are immigrants who are fluent in a different language. Being forced to learn another one would be next to impossible. Also, in the 21st century, we Americans are at a disadvantage. Why? We don't bother to ever learn another language. Maybe we should both try to learn another language. It'd make the world a better place. It's already hard enough leaving all you know. We shouldn't force our ways on those poor people. To all those lovely people I know and already dislike FYI: It's a free country.

  • The United States does NOT have an official national language.

    There is no national language in the US. The majority speaks English, yes; however, the country does not have an official language. People who insist there should be an English proficiency language requirement are usually racist and/or xenophobic, and think that would be a good way to rid the country of immigrants. The US was found on diversity, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol that the country is and should be open to whoever wants to come here, and no where in the Constitution does it say people must conform to one language to reside in this country.

  • The U.S. should not require people to learn to speak English before granting citizenship because this country was founded on the principles of freedom and on the backs of non-English speaking people.

    The U.S. should not force any person wanting citizenship to learn the English language. We are a country diverse in ethnicity and culture and requiring English to be spoken as a contingency for citizenship would ruin that diversity. The United States was created as a place of freedom and the requirement of one to speak any language is a violation of freedom.

    Posted by: KristinaB

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